The Tiny House Solution for Stress and Worry Free Living

The Tiny House Solution for Stress and Worry Free Living

With prices skyrocketing on properties and homes in most places in North America, not many people can afford to live the cliche "American Dream" any more, so many are turning to more affordable options so that they can live a life that is free from stress and having to worry about money and debt. This is why building a smaller home or cabin like this Cabin Title 20, is a great way to build a full time home or a recreational cabin to stay at on weekends or in the summer! You might think that buying a pre existing home might be cheaper than building new, but it all just depends on where you are buying.

The Kanga Cabin, for example, is a beautiful cabin that you can have built for you, starting at around $70, 000. That is not too bad for a house in this day and age. It is not the large house that most people think of being the American Dream or anything, but it is perfect for a couple or a small family to live in comfortably. The darling cabin in this post will inspire you to want one of your very own! Think of all the freedom you would have without debt and with minimal belongings weighing you down. When you see the photos, its hard not to visualize yourself being in the space. This particular cottage is 16′ by 26′ and a total of 416 square feet. This is a great size for a smaller home, as some of them can be as little as 60 square feet. This cottage has plenty of space for a living room area, a dining area, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a main floor sleeping space as well as the loft sleeping space too. I love how brightly the owners of this one have painted their home, it just makes it feel so vibrant and welcoming.

The kitchen is a great size, with lots of cupboard space, and a full sized fridge. The loft level has 2 extra beds in it for guests who come to spend the night as well. The cathedral ceilings make the space seem large and open too, which is a very nice feature and there is lots of light in the space too with lights coming down from the ceiling. The cottage is decorated very simply and has a nice, colourful red and yellow pallet on the inside as well as the outside. Which makes it a bright and cheery place to live in.

There are lots of great sized windows to allow in lots of natural light, the front porch is also a nice touch, with the matching chairs out on it, waiting for someone to sit in them and relax, enjoying the afternoon breeze. This one even has a car port built onto it, which is a great idea. You can always build on to your existing house if you need more room too. Kanga Room Systems builds beautiful cabins, backyard studios and small homes. Many people are downsizing to smaller homes themselves, so that they can get rid of their debt and live a life of more freedom. Or, some people also buy a small home like this one or smaller, and add it to their back yard for a studio rental to make some more money. Either way, many more people are buying smaller units and these ones from Kanga Room Systems is a great example of a beautiful cabin!

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