The Tiny House Shortcut to Sustainable, Stress-Free Living

The Tiny House Shortcut to Sustainable, Stress-Free Living

"The Little Red Bungalow: Beautiful Tiny Cottage" is an adorable tiny house cottage that would make the perfect tiny home for someone. This tiny house is just one example of why tiny house living has become more popular than ever, the tiny house design of this place doesn't miss a detail, and it is a well constructed tiny home that looks just like a smaller version of a traditional home, only with less space.

This little red bungalow, really is a beautiful tiny cottage. Its red exterior color and white trim around the window and wooden beams compliment each other in a nice way. The tiny window box on the front window also adds to its charm. There is also a white picket fence that surrounds this adorable tiny house, making it even more perfect. You can tell just by looking at this tiny house that it is well constructed and a great design, I would love to see inside, because you just know it's going to look as nice as the exterior of the tiny house space does. This tiny house could be used for full time living and it looks like it may be used for just that. It would also be a great guest home, wouldn't it be nice to stay in a guest home like this! Or it would also make a nice place to stay for vacations and holidays. What a nice tiny house!

Did you know that the tiny house movement is the name given for the growing trend of living in small homes, along with a move towards living more simply? Living simply for lots of people is all about reducing the amount of stuff/possessions they own. Living in a tiny house, means having less space and in turn having to downsize and keep only the possessions that a person needs. A tiny house is a return to living in smaller sized houses, which usually means living in a house that is less than 1,000 square feet. Tiny houses on wheels are also a growing trend, and often compared to RV living. Downsizing into a tiny house can be a way to save money on heating, taxes, maintenance, building costs, and repair costs. For many people buying a tiny house or building a tiny house, means that they can afford to own their tiny house outright, and in doing that they can afford to do more of the things they enjoy from traveling, pursuing hobbies and passions. Do you think you could live in a tiny house?

If you think this tiny house is nice, you will be amazed at all the tiny house designs that are located all over the world. Some of the tiny house designs you will find on this site include adventurers DIY Vanderlost Sprinter van, custom VW 5th wheel travel trailer, combo micro oven and stove top for tiny houses, 172 square foot micro A frame cabin bunkhouse, 800 square foot A frame cabin with deck, tiny mountain cabin in the snow, 580 square foot heritage log cabin, car tent so you can camp in the city, micro cabin in the jungle, portable lightweight travel pod, tiny barn house, the 100 square foot flexible hivehaus prefab tiny home solution, yurt cabin in Vashon Island, small mountain cottage, Ethan's tiny house on wheels, peaceful little wooden cottage in Thailand, tiny rustic house made of reclaimed materials in Portland, Oregon, green zero modular tiny home, tiny caboose cabin in the Santa Monica Mountains, beachfront airstream you can rent in Australia, Treehouse Cabin you can stay in at Moose Meadow Lodge Vermont and that's only some of the unique tiny house spaces you will see!

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