The Timber King is Fit For A King!

The Timber King is Fit For A King!

The Texas True website has it all in the name "A little bit of the West... a whole lot of Texas!" What comes to mind when you think of the big state of Texas? Cowboys riding through the desert on horses with their distinctive hats? Or perhaps bull riding and stadiums full of raging fans watching the rodeo, rooting for the fellow flailing in the air and holding on for dear life against all odds.

Perhaps you think of Dallas, the mega city with massive highways stretching through the towering buildings from every angle. Or then again, maybe you think of the beautiful ranches with horses and other animals stretching along the landscape as far as the eye can see, with a huge mansion home sitting atop the hill. Whatever images and memories come to mind when you think of Texas, perhaps you haven't considered furniture as being a hallmark of their cultural heritage.

With those big ranches and mansion homes, comes luxurious furniture to match the interior. Of course with their cowboy style, log homes and beautiful wood decor is a must. That is exactly what this site specializes in - beautifully crafted furniture fit for a king. The timber king bed frame is an incredibly unique piece of furniture with architectural interest and a unique use of a combination of logs and other live edge branches stretching along the back board. It's handcrafted in Juniper and boasts the beautiful, unique qualities of the natural wood grain shining through.

The company builds all sorts of home furnishings that have the same style, like dressers, tables, lamps, chests, armoires, desks, and much much more! Go ahead and checkout the site to see what 'Texas True' website just below has to offer, it's certainly "a little bit of the West... a whole lot of Texas!"

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