The Sleepy Hollow Blueprints. The Name Speaks for Itself

The Sleepy Hollow Blueprints. The Name Speaks for Itself

"There is no place like home", this is an extremely popular adage that almost all people know. But the question is, it this saying still applicable to those people who do not have a place, which they can call their own home? Can they still feel the essence of this saying? TA person that rents no doubt does feel like they are 'at home' but it is not quite the same as for those that have put down their roots, on their very own home. It is often said that investing in a place means you make a shift where the money you put out is now creating equity. A home is definitely a lifetime investment that you can also treasure all throughout your existence in this wonderful world.

The truth is, when it comes to costs of building a home, it will vary greatly. Build to whatever fits your budget, if you want hi-end luxurious, then why not? But if you prefer a more affordable home then that is available as well. If you are looking at the possibility of living in a log home, then one that you should consider is the Sleepy Hollow. A lot of people have found this home option extremely worth investing.

Do you want to know all the parts that the Sleepy Hollow has? Let's talk a little about it.The total space measurement of the Sleepy Hollow is around 2,456 square feet. It actually has two floors. The first floor measures 1,440 square feet. In this particular floor plan, you can see the foyer, utility room, kitchen, dining room, great room, master bedroom, master bathroom, shed porch, and the deck. The second floor, on the other hand, measures 1,016 square feet. What you can see in this floor are the loft, bathroom #2, bathroom #3, bedroom #2, and bedroom #3.

Now that you already have idea about the Sleepy Hollow Log Home, does it fit your home requirements? Without a doubt, a great living experience is waiting for you once you decide to stay in this kind of home.

Check out 'Expedition Log Homes' website link below for more details.

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