The Rural American's Secret Method for One-Of-A-Kind Barn Home Construction

The Rural American's Secret Method for One-Of-A-Kind Barn Home Construction

You will fall in love with this 24x50 Ponderosa Country Barn Home. The customized barn home with a 12-foot open porch and widows peak is designed and built by Sand Creek Post and Beam. This barn home is located in Georgia and has plenty of barn details that you will appreciate, from its stone fireplaces inside and out, and 12-foot lean-to.

This stunning barn home has an open kitchen/dining/living area, exposed beams throughout, polished concrete on the main floor, big stone fireplace in the living area, and a lean-to on the side that is used as a screened in porch area, and as an outdoor covered patio space that also has a stone fireplace. The outdoor patio is the perfect place for hanging out, entertaining and barbecuing. Upstairs you have two bedrooms, bathroomSand Creek Post and Beam barn homes can be custom designed and used for anything from full-time residences, cabins, lake houses, loft apartments, secondary homes, and combination barns and homes. These barn kits are rustic yet sophisticated, pre-manufactured, built to last, and shipped as a kit.

These barn home kits by Sand Creek Post and Beam, are made by the leading manufacturer of custom designed wood barn kits. They are a family owned barn company, which is located in the heart of rural America in Wayne, Nebraska. Their barns are based on historic barn styles that have been perfected by the forefathers of barn building, using post and beam construction and a commitment to the timber frame tradition for strength, beauty, and flexibility. They are passionate about keeping the barn building traditions alive and sharing them with people who appreciate their craftsmanship and design. Their in-house design team can offer custom barn home design for each of their barn kits. Based on several historic barn styles and using the post and beam type of construction, their customers may choose from unlimited barn design options to make their barn kit a one-of-a-kind custom designed masterpiece.

These barns are post and beam construction, using massive timbers that form the load bearing frame of these deceptively sturdy and simple and barn structures. Post and beam construction offers beautiful barn interiors that feature the exposed posts and beams of the frame. The walls in a barn are not load bearing, so they provide the ultimate in design flexibility. These barns can be used as a charming garden shed to a large commercial building. Sand Creek Post and Beam can design your custom barn kit to meet any local building code specifications.Sand Creek Post and Beam have designed and built over 1,000 barns in 48 states including Hawaii, along with several Canadian provinces. They offer a variety of barn designs you can choose from to include wood barns, event barns, barn homes, pavilions, windmills, and accessories. You are sure to fall in love with how unique and beautiful some of these barn builds are. This barn company is doing a great job at keeping the tradition of barns alive with their quality barn designs and styles. Their custom barn kits have been used as lake houses, full time residences, cabins, secondary homes, loft apartments, and combination use barn and home. You will want to take a look at their site and see the quality and attention to detail these lovely barns offer; they are sure to be some of the most beautiful homes and builds you will find.

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