The Price of this Summer Log Cabin is Either $23,000, $39,000 or $66,000 or $112,000 - Which Do You Think is Correct?

The Price of this Summer Log Cabin is Either $23,000, $39,000 or $66,000 or $112,000 - Which Do You Think is Correct?

The Price of this Summer Log Cabin is Either $23,000, $39,000 or $66,000 or $112,000 - Which Do You Think is Correct? If you guessed $23,000 you'd be right! You may not have guessed the lowest price option because log homes and cabins are usually quite a lot more expensive than that. Log cabin packages do cost a lot of money, but it is quality that people pay for. Wood is one of the most expensive building materials out there, but it is also the strongest, most reliable and renewable building material we can use in building projects. A log house isn't just a bunch of logs stacked upon each other, these log cabin packages and log house packages require so much hard work and attention to detail. The logs first of all have to be peeled, either by machine or by hand. The hand peeling process is one of the most labour intensive jobs at a log house building company and is usually where workers are started. The logs also have to be cut to size and then marked and cut to interlock together when making log cabin packages. Usually the craftsmen will assemble the parts of the log cabin packages to see if they all fit together properly as well. So as you can see the process of building wood cabins is worth all of the money that is spent.

This awesome looking log house would be the perfect weekend getaway to use for recreational use, or, as a small log house if someone wanted to live small full time. All of the large windows make the inside of the log house a beautiful place to be, with exposure to all of the great views that nature has to offer. On the Cabana Village website, they show photos of the log house being on a body of water where it seems to fit in beautifully. But the home could be implemented into any landscape the owners wanted it to be in like a forest or a prairie setting. Usually log homes are seen depicted out in nature, like the little cabins in the woods. But log homes are also able to be seen in cities where the owners of the home wanted to bring a piece of nature into the hustle of city life. Wherever log cabin packages or log house packages are built, they seem to bring a feeling of comfort and simplicity to whoever enters the door.

The home you see here is a 12 foot by 18 food cabin with a screened off room, making it great for warmer climates. The screened off room is excellent for providing a nice place to be in where the bugs won't bother you, and in some places this is an absolute must. Everything you see in the log house photos is included in Cabana Village's log cabin packages. They include all of the windows and doors, a set of two doors and one single door, eight crank opening slide up windows, the floors, walls and the roof. Finishing the interior is up to the buyer. Wouldn't a log house like this one be great to spend your summers in enjoying nature? Cabana Village also has a number of other log structures and packages on their website. Of course they have wood cabins, but they also have log sheds, log garages, log backyard offices, log pool houses, log garden studios in different varieties. For an extra fee the floor plans can also be customized as well. If you are thinking of purchasing log home or log cabin packages this would be a great place to check out and become inspired by their designs. Log houses and cabins are a great investment to make to have a home or a cabin that will last a lifetime.*

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