The Perfect Sized 1850 Sqft Sherwood Log Home is Breathtaking Check Out the Floor Plans

The Perfect Sized 1850 Sqft Sherwood Log Home is Breathtaking Check Out the Floor Plans

When you think about log home living, the Sherwood Home Plan comes to mind. The large wraparound covered farmer's porch lets you sit back and enjoy the view, and there is plenty of room inside to living comfortably, with an open concept living space, cathedral ceilings and lots of natural light with all those windows. The layout of this log home flows nicely. On the main floor is an open concept living/dining/kitchen area, a master bedroom with ensuite, and laundry/bathroom, made, even more, beautiful by the space created by the cathedral ceilings. In the upstairs area of the log home is an open loft space that looks down to the living area below, two bedrooms and a full-size bathroom. Outside is everything you want a log home to be with the large outdoor covered porch with log railings, lots of dormer windows, light colored logs and lots of windows. All this, along with being located in a beautiful forest setting. This log home makes you want to consider living in a log home in a forest setting just like this.

The My Woodhome site is where you will find lots of great information about anything to do with log home living. Here you will find everything from log home budgeting, log home floor plans, log home plans, and log home design. There are also lots of log home builds, how to maintain a log home, furnishing a log home, log home companies and products. The site helps you get started towards realizing your log home dreams, by offering an interactive quiz with useful log home suggestions that will get you started. Building a log home is most likely one of the most exciting and fulfilling journeys you will embark on, and this site has lots of good advice that will point you in the right direction.

When you start out on the interactive log home quiz, it will ask you whether or not you already have the piece of land that you will build your future log home. If your answer is no to having a piece of property, the site will get you starting on the steps to finding the right property to build. Some tips My Woodhome offers on buying raw property are good things to think about. When you select the location for your log home or log cabin, it is as crucial to your log home process as choosing the log home design that you will build. The appeal of a log home comes both from the log home structure itself, and also from where the log home is located, and the scenery that surrounds the log home. Your log home is only made unique by the beauty of the land, and how will combine with the environment that it sits on. If you are considering building your log home on a parcel of land or upcoming development that has been already subdivided for a new log home, you will have fewer worries, than if you were to buy a raw, undeveloped piece of property. A piece of land that has already been subdivided will have road access and access to utilities, and will already be attached to a public sewer system.

The beauty of a log home is an exciting idea and dream for many people. If you take the proper steps and research beforehand, you will ensure that you aren't left with too many surprises along the way. When all is said and done, and you are living in the log home of your dreams, sitting on your front farmers porch, all the hard work will we well worth it. Living and making memories in a log home of your own for years to come.

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