The Perfect Simple Little Log Cabin - Click for Floor Plans

The Perfect Simple Little Log Cabin - Click for Floor Plans

Trying to choose a log home to build offers you many choices of log building techniques. Real Log Homes, a log homes distributor makes it easy to choose the perfect log home like The Rockville. Log homes hold a long time legacy for their strength, character and natural beauty. Whenever people see a log home, they are instantly reminded of a peaceful and natural lifestyle where everything is close to nature once again. We often see the depiction of the traditional cabin in the woods in shows and on movies, as a place where people go to relax and get away from it all or to live the life of a hermit, with no one around but the woodland creatures.

A home like The Rockville shows great promise of being a great family home or cabin. Somewhere where the owners and their family and friends can go on vacation. The Rockville log cabin is a charming cabin, with two levels, and two bedrooms in total. There is one bathroom to be shared throughout the cabin that is located on the main floor, with one bedroom on the main floor, and one bedroom on the upper level, which overlooks the lower level from a balcony. The living room and dining room share the vast, high cathedral ceilings, making the smaller sized cabin seem larger than it is. The kitchen is tucked away, in its own little nook, but it is a great size of kitchen with plenty of space to move about and cook amazing meals for all.

One of the other wonderful features of this lovely cabin would be the porch and the deck that connect to one another, providing space to entertain and relax, as well as stunning views from up high if the log cabin were built on the side of a hill or mountain side. This would be the perfect place to add in a hot tub to soak in and take in the gorgeous scenery and look up at the night sky under the stars. This is what a cabin vacation is all about, relaxing and enjoying. Using the heart of Eastern white pine logs or Western red cedar logs, these cabins are built highly efficiently, and securely, with no quality spared. Each of the logs is naturally dried and graded to Log Homes Council standards, which can be crucial when in the process of asking for and getting permits in the building process. The Real Log Homes logs are structured to be wider than they are high, and they also put in grooves to minimize checking, which is when the logs are prone to cracking and splitting due to the pressure of shrinking and shifting over time.

All log homes go through a period of settling and shrinking, but if the logs are not properly dried or used too green, or too new, then they can be even more prone to this cracking, which can have a negative effect on the overall structural integrity of the log cabin or home. Most often the cracking can be deterred or avoided by taking preventative measures as Real Log Homes company does, and in taking care to keep up adequate maintenance over the years. When taken care of properly, log homes and cabins can stand for several decades or longer. Real Log Homes also prides themselves on their log building and engineering of the most structurally sound materials with their InterLock Joinery System, which ensures that each log is precisely cut and fit to act in unison as a whole unit, strong and stable. All of this technology will be able to help cut down on heating expenses and repairs in the future. Check out more of these beautiful log homes.

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