The Perfect Log Cabin, Inside and Out (Especially Inside)

The Perfect Log Cabin, Inside and Out (Especially Inside)

Check out this 2,646 sq ft Luxury Log Home at this web site and see what you could be living in soonas soon as you decide that this is the home for you and your family, of course. This is a fabulous, multi level home that has plenty of interesting and intriguing layers and levels to unfold. This home, called the Nicolet, has a lovely and winding set of stairs that leads up to it, in the model home that is illustrated at this web site. The big deck welcomes you at the top of the steps and wraps around the log home in a great big hug. You will love the space on this deck. A covered exterior foyer protects you from the wind and weather while you wait for your hosts to answer the door (or as you run to let your family, friends, and guests in to your new log home). Inside you will find a fabulous pot pourri of design choices, all perfected to meet your desire and needs. You can choose how you want your space to look and feel, where the windows will work best, and how you want the dining room to be laid out.

Expedition Log Homes will work with you to ensure that the highest standards and best quality are put in to the design and building of your custom home. What could be better? Whether you want a luxurious 2,646 square foot, custom built, luxury home such as the one shown on this web site, something more modest, or perhaps something even more grand, Expedition Log Homes will design you something more than memorable; it will become a family home for many years and generations. Although the outside may say rustic log home, the interior will always say contemporary classic. All the joints are hand hewn and tight; the kitchen has the most modern of materials in the counter top, the lighting and all the cupboard space (which is lush and more than ample), and you can decide on the finishes that work best for you and your family. The choices are all yours, and yours aloe. You just need to decide what you want (well, what the family wants), and how you want to proceed. Of course, that might be easier said than done.

The finishing touches include spacious windows with to-die-for views that you will just love, trims that are perfectly suited to the home and fitted precisely to the windows, doors, and walls, a fire place that will bring oohs and ahs from all your friends and neighbors and keep the bite of country evenings away from you. The bedrooms are large, with plenty of space for furnishings and all the things you want to tuck away. The bathrooms are big with all the amenities that you expect in a modern home. This is the log home for you. There is nothing that you could ask for beyond this design. Check it out soon, and begin to work on how this home, could be yours. Enjoy. Find out more about these homes and many others just like it at the website, EXPEDITION LOG HOMES.

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