The Perfect Combination of Coziness and Roominess (Click to View Floor Plan)

The Perfect Combination of Coziness and Roominess (Click to View Floor Plan)

What a charming log cabin to call home not too big, not too small, but just a nice size! Designed by Coventry Log Homes, the open-concept Ascutney Log Home is a modified version of their very popular Swiftwater cabin, but with the space-giving addition of windowed shed dormer. With 1,140 square feet, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a loft area, the Ascutney log home has loads of potential for you and your family.

Over at the Coventry Log Homes website, you can check out the floor plans for this log home as well as a photo gallery and a video. Not only can you see what the Ascutney looks like inside and out, but you can also get an idea of how to furnish and decorate it because theyve done such a lovely job for this demo. Putting two twin beds in a single bedroom is a great idea if you need some extra sleeping space and it could be fun for the kids! Another bonus here is the fact that there are two full bathrooms, so you dont have to worry about standing in line if you want to have a bath or a shower. With well-thought-out window placement, you will also have more than enough natural light in every room, cutting down on electricity costs as well as simply making everything look radiant.

And, whats a log cabin home without a warm and comfy loft to make you feel like youre living in a romantic tree house? The Ascutney will not disappoint! It has this important detail, and its also where youll find the Master Bedroom and Master Bathroom, nestled up here with the perfect combination of coziness and space. And what loft would be complete without an open area where you can stand or sit and look down into the living room and kitchen areas below? You will find that here as well! Two more glorious features of this stunning log cabin home are the covered porch and the deck outside, so you have the best of both worlds one covered and protected, and one open to the sun. You can easily imagine what your patio table and chairs would look like out here, as well as a barbecue and sitting area under the covered porch. Summers will be amazing.

Coventry Log Homes is conveniently-based in the very appropriately-named Woodsville, New Hampshire, and comes from two generations of quality craftsmen dedicated to the excellence of their work. Jim Elliot built log homes for many years, and then he passed the love of wood-working as well as the business on to his sons, Jeff and Mark or, perhaps more accurately, they picked it up from him - and ran with it! The two boys officially incorporated Coventry Log Homes in 1994, but they had been building log homes long before that. They now have well over sixty original log home templates in their portfolio, and these are divided into six categories: the Timber Frame Series, the Tradesman, the Craftsman, Garages, Barns, and Structural Additions. This list of categories seems to keep on growing, however, as they are ever-expanding their repertoire of products and services. Their staff is growing as well, currently including their highly-valued mill workers as well as their drafts people, salespeople, web developers, and financial experts. They must be doing something right because not only are they members of the Better Business Bureau of America, but they presently have an A Plus rating on the BBB website. They are obviously at the top of their game because you cant get much higher than that!

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