The Only Times You Should Rinse Your Pasta

The Only Times You Should Rinse Your Pasta

For anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen you will want to know the Only Times You Should Rinse Your Pasta. This is just one of those little cooking tips that is good to know if you want your pasta recipe to taste as good as it should. When you want to cook pasta properly, you should know that rinsing it right after boiling is not something you want to do. There are however a few instances when its okay to rinse your pasta after boiling. Boiling pasta to use in a recipe is a pretty simple cooking task to do. It's typically not a good idea to rinse pasta after boiling because when you rinse pasta, it washes away all the remaining starches that allow the sauce recipe to cling to the noodle. Usually the more sauce you can get to stick onto your noodles, the better. The two times when you want to rinse off your pasta noodles are for when you make a pasta salad recipe. Rinsing the pasta after boiling for a pasta salad recipe helps to stop the cooking process so the pasta won't get mushy and it also keeps the pasta from clumping together. Another time when you want to rinse the pasta after cooking is when you use the pasta for a stir fry recipe. Reheating un-rinsed pasta could result in a gummy and clumped together recipe. So other than those instances, you will want to strain your pasta and go right to adding your sauce recipe. This is when starch in a recipe is a good thing.

Pasta is of the food staples that you will find in homes around the world. It is also a staple ingredient of traditional Italian cuisine, with the first origins dating back all the way to 1154 in Sicily. Pasta is also commonly used to refer to a wide variety of pasta dishes and recipes. Fresh pasta was traditionally made by hand, sometimes with the help of simple pasta making machines, but today you will find many varieties of fresh pasta that are also commercially produced by large scale machines, with pasta varieties available in supermarkets. There are over 300 specific types of pasta, known by over 1300 documented names, that are available in both dried and fresh pasta varieties in a large number of shapes and pasta varieties. In Italy the names of the different pasta shapes or types can often vary with each locale. Pasta recipes at one time were eaten plain, so the idea of using tomato sauce to give it flavor was somewhat of a revolutionary idea. Popular pasta recipes include fettuccine alfredo, lasagna recipes, spaghetti and meatballs, minestrone soup recipe, pasta primavera recipe, macaroni and cheese recipe, pasta salad recipe and plenty more.

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