The Only Thing Lovelier than This Log Home Is Its Scenery (Click for Floor Plan)

The Only Thing Lovelier than This Log Home Is Its Scenery (Click for Floor Plan)

The Cloud Peak Log Home Plan is an excellent starter home or getaway log cabin in this rustic and charming log cabin build. Inside you will find an open great room with beautiful cathedral ceilings. The bedrooms on the main floor give you plenty of room for family or guests. And the upstairs loft space can be used as a master bedroom or as a guest room. This rustic log cabin is 1,296 square feet, with three bedrooms and one bathroom, spread out over two floors. The main floor has a nice wraparound deck, great for entertaining and for stargazing at night. The main floor has an open great room/dining room/kitchen that works well for when you have guests over, never separating the host from their guests. The main floor also has a laundry room and the full sized bathroom. This log home was built by Big Horn Mountain Log Homes.

Big Horn Mountain Log Homes is a family owned and operated log home business. Michael and Lillian Markovsky created their log home business in 1986. Now their sons, Michael, Bret and John and their families are here running the log home business. Their goal at Big Horn Mountain Log Homes is to help you with your dream of living in and building a log home or log cabin. Michael Sr. created many different types of log homes and log buildings from the 1960s on. He has passed on his log home design and construction ideas, features and techniques to his sons. During the 1980s and early 1990s, many of the homes produced by Big Horn Mountain Log Homes were smaller secondary log homes and mountain retreat log cabins. From about 1997 onward more of the log homes have been used primary residences. Big Horn Mountain Log Homes has also produced skidable log cabins, duplexes, hotels, motels, commercial restaurants and other specialized structures in log.

When you decide to build a log home you are choosing a natural building material that is renewable. Building green, from log home design to construction is the right thing to do, environmentally, economically and socially. The use of wood in your home or log cabin helps to create structures that are ecologically sound, energy efficient, architecturally pleasing and durable. Wood that comes from well-managed forests is an excellent environmental choice. Log home builders and home buyers all over the world are realizing that a wood structure is healthy, comfortable, has lower energy consumption, and has better overall performance. A log home structure also reduces the impact of buildings on human health and the environment in regards to site selection, design, construction, maintenance, operation, and demolition.

The use of more wood for log home construction is a natural and easy way to make a difference for the environment. Log homes reduce greenhouse gasses and help to store carbons. A healthy sustainable forest is a readily available solution to help with climate change. On an average, an acre of healthy growing forest absorbs almost 3 tons of carbon dioxide and releases close to 2 tons of oxygen. As tree growth slows and the tree ages, fewer carbons are absorbed.A log home or log cabin also has something known as thermal mass. What this means is that logs used in a log home can store and hold the transfer of heat. This is also a property of stone and metal. That means that your log home or log cabin will keep the warmth inside longer, and keep the log home cooler in the warmer months.

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