The Most Delightful Tiny Houses in America That Are for Sale

The Most Delightful Tiny Houses in America That Are for Sale

With the ever changing housing market in Canada and the United States, it can be difficult to afford a standard, conventional house... These Tiny Houses On Zillow And Yahoo! Real Estate, might spark your interest and open your mind to the possibilities of tiny house living. Shared through Tiny House Pins, this article from Yahoo, shows us the amazing world of tiny house real estate through Zillow, a real estate database covering all of the listings in the United States, and compiling it all into one easy to use search engine website. Through their research, Zillow created this list of awesome small houses that are on the market right now all over the United States. Even if you are not seriously looking for a home, its fun to see what is out there on the market to get some inspiration and to learn just how affordable tiny house living can really be.

For most people in the United States and in Canada as well, we are used to seeing the average 1,500 square foot bungalow or larger ,and this is what has continued to be the norm since the late 1960s or so. With more people making more money over the years, we have seen even more growth in the average size of a house, when the economy has been better. When there has been big booms in the economy, people tend to have more disposable income, and so, they also tend to want to live in larger, more luxurious homes. It really has been something that people have strived for in the last few decades, to have a house that shows their wealth. But, in more recent years into the 21st century, we have seen a decrease in this, because as with any boom, there is sure to be a bust to shake up the economy, and people must liquidate and foreclose on all of these houses they once may have been able to afford quite easily.

This is one of the reasons for the tiny house movement that we are witnessing, that and the environmental impacts of having a house that is too large for its inhabitants. But as you will see through this impressive list of smaller sized houses, you can actually get a pretty decent sized house for quite and affordable price. There are, however, some prices that are very high for the size of house and this would reflect the place that the house is situated. A place like California, for example, has a 600 square foot home listed at $380,000. Which seems quite steep for that size. But, if the person buying is set on that area, it is probably a fairly good deal compared to some of the larger homes in the area. It can be hard to accept that that is the price of a home that size, when in Aurora, Illinois, you can get a sweet little home with the same square footage, for only $55,000! It can seem pretty wild. But that is the way the cookie crumbles unfortunately, the more the desirable the area to live in, means the more that houses will cost to buy there.

If you want to go super affordable, you can get the 128 square foot doll house in Dover, Arkansas for only $22,000. That is what most people spend on a vehicle at times. But if you are a single person or a couple, looking to own and don't have a lot of money, this is a great way to get in on the property owning world. Most of these houses are not even too small. They are like the war time houses that people had when the economy was bad and not too many people had enough money to purchase a large, expensive home. Check them out, even just for fun!

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