The Most Beautiful Little Cottage Anyone Can Afford

The Most Beautiful Little Cottage Anyone Can Afford

Tiny houses and small houses can be used for a variety of different purposes, from living full time, to guest house to weekend vacation homes, and for some as full time tiny homes. This "Tiny Log Cabin," is easy to imagine spending time in, while at the lake or forest vacation spot.

This cozy place would be perfect in a natural environment, the tiny log cabin can be moved as it is on skids. The 140 square foot tiny log cabin is 7.5 feet by 10 feet inside with Colorado pine that is covered with a coat of polyurethane. The tiny log cabin has a small propane heater for cooler nights, and a self venting corner fireplace. Inside there is a table, bench and chair. The site has lots of photos, to give you a better idea of the place, and there is even a photo of the tiny log cabin in the winter, so you could use this tiny log cabin all year long.

This site has some inspiring photos and designs to look at, and get ideas from. Some of the things you will find on this site are beautiful off grid home plans, rustic log cabins, solar powered homes, wind powered homes, cozy log cabins, tiny homes, hand built cobb cottages, innovative eco friendly and off grid tiny houses, minimalistic designs, interior design, architecture, bedroom designs, bathroom designs, pet furniture, homesteading stories, eco homes, modular homes, prefab homes, solar power ideas, shipping container homes, tiny houses on wheels, reclaimed wood cabins, resorts and hotels, glass house cabin, tiny log cabins in France, tiny apartments, home decor, home design, garden design, kitchen ideas, campers, RV's, pre cut cabins and tiny house kits, and on and on.

There are many important facts that should be learned about log cabins. It would be great to know that they are environment friendly. Knowing this may help those who are not yet fully convinced to have a log home built, to finally do it. This is due to the thermal mass features of wood which often exceed the minimum code criteria of energy efficiency. Likewise, almost all the materials used by most log home producers are renewable.

There are two types of log homes, the handcrafted log homes and the milled log homes. Among log houses already built, only 10% are those built with individually handcrafted logs with the use of handheld tools. A log house, which is handcrafted is made of logs that were peeled but still have their original natural looks unchanged. On the other hand, the 90% of the log homes built are made of milled logs. These milled logs, otherwise known as machine-profiled logs, are used to build the milled log homes. These logs went through a manufacturing process that removes the natural features of the tree or the log, creating timbers that have uniform appearances and sizes.

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