The Most Amazing Rustic Western Log Cabins MUST See

The Most Amazing Rustic Western Log Cabins MUST See

When looking for the best log cabin designs, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. While exploring the many cabin builders online, we started to assemble a "Top ten" list to help us with our decisions. Of The Top 10 Log Cabins, #9 The Western, was built by Rustic Nature and stood out among the rest.

Rustic Nature has some great suggestions to keep in mind when buying or building a cabin. As everything is custom, there is a wide variety of options to create you cabin, but there are few things you should keep in mind. Firstly, with various types of siding "peeled log or unpeeled log (bark), ship lap, butt and pass, board and batten, bevel, or classic wood shake shingles. Second, Edging finishes off the "look" of the cabin and may be: "natural edge" or "square edge / shadow board", square trim or log trim (peeled or unpeeled log with bark). Third, as you can even customize the roofing, you need to make the best choice to keep the heat in and the elements out! top choices for roofing are shingles, galvanized metal or rolled roofing.

A few other things that should be taken into consideration with your next log cabin:

1) Windows - One of the best things about a cabin in the woods or by a lake is the view! Make sure you have windows in various shapes, sizes and functionality. These are the best way to add natural light and showcase the views of the great outdoors!

2) Doors - There are a variety of door types available: French doors, Dutch or "pony" doors, arched doors and double doors are a few.

3) Carvings - An artistic display or custom design ties in your cabin with the beauty of its surrounding environment. Custom carvings add unforgettable character, rustic charm and creative flair to your cabin!

4) Stone Chimney - A fireplace is a wonderful heat source and some light stone masonry or even a asthetic chimney really adds personality to your design.

5) Plumbing & Electricity - make sure you think to include plans to go "off-grid", like solar panels for electricity or even an out-house instead of large invasive plumbing.

Finally, as these cabins can be set up on uneven terrain, there is little to no need for grading or large concrete pads and the cabins can be built "on-site". If you are interested in finding out more, visit Rustic Homes via the link below and enjoy your next log cabin!

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