The Log Home Secret to Enjoying a Long Winter

The Log Home Secret to Enjoying a Long Winter

You don't need to fear winter, Enjoying Time Spent in The Great Indoors – Log Home Style is one of the great ways to enjoy wintertime. If it is fifty below zero and you just can't bear the thought of venturing outside, its all good, because it is warm and cozy inside your home. Log homes are especially lovely to lounge in when it comes to wintertime. With the roaring fire in the fireplace, and the logs to keep you warm. The logs that make up a log home are one of the best-insulated building materials on the market. Wood is a natural insulator, having its own insulation grown right into the tree trunk itself. Even without any additional insulation, the log home will stay nice and toasty and retain all of that ambient heat from the fireplace.

This list from Real Log Style gives us tons of inspiration for things to keep busy with while stuck indoors in the wintertime. Many people love that feeling of comfort that being in a log home as a blizzard is raging outside. Frequently it is enough just to cozy up with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate or tea and enjoy the great indoors in a log home or cabin. But there are so many other things that you can do! Why not make yourself some popcorn and curl up with your favourite blanket and enjoy a good movie or a movie marathon. Watching movies is always a fun thing to do and depending on the movie you choose to watch, you could be inspired, you could learn something, or you could have a really good laugh, all things that are good for the soul.

Another fun thing to do is to do some baking. Get your log house really nice and toasty with the heat of your oven baking your favourite treats. Cookies are always fun to bake, or maybe you can bake some rolls or some bread, or make a really nice meal for the whole family. Some of my favourite memories from my childhood have been the ones that I was baking with my Mom or my Grandmother. It is something I still love to do on colder days. It's a creative activity that you can reap the benefits of after you are finished and your family will love it too. Another creative thing you can do is get crafty or artsy! This is another thing that is popular to do around our household. We love to make or practice our music, or paint, draw or make jewelry. The list on Real Log Style suggests quilting while this isn't something I have tried yet, I would love to try one day! This could be an activity that could be done without electricity too if you don't need an electric sewing machine. And then you can have something to decorate your log home with too!

Pinterest is another really fun way to be creative and get the creative juices flowing with inspiration. It is also suggested on the Real Log Style blog just to take a trip through Pinterest and make inspiration boards of all your ideas and your favourite things. Pinterest can be a great way to do a virtual vision board to help you manifest the things that you want. It is one of the top social media outlets right now and it is so user-friendly as well. So see? No matter what the weather you can always find something to do! And if you have a log home already, then you are really lucky to be able to enjoy refuge from the cold in a log-built structure. Enjoy these ideas the next time you have a whole day in the great indoors in your log home or any home! Enjoy!

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