The Little-Known Benefits of Building a Log Home on Piles

The Little-Known Benefits of Building a Log Home on Piles

Log Houses come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Some are built for utility and efficiency while others are built for pure aesthetic value. While log houses tend to be far more expensive than conventional houses, others are built on a shoestring budget, a lot of elbow grease and maybe even a little love. Lucky is the person who can achieve his or her dream of owning a log house! This WoodenHouse Established on Piles and Combined from Round Logs is a unique little log house with an unusual but effective design feature. When you know why this WoodenHouse has been established on piles, you might even consider building your dream log home this way!

Stilt houses, or pile dwellings, are houses raised on piles over the surface of either soil or a body of water and are typically built primarily as protection against flooding. Pile dwellings are also suited for rocky, steep and unstable land, where conventional foundations are not suitable. This type of housing dates to prehistoric times and can still be witnessed in a variety of forms worldwide. What is new about log houses on piles are the diverse and innovative ways in which they are being designed and built.

Building a log home on piles can help to enhance sustainable design features. When building on piles, you are minimizing the environmental impact before, during and after construction by reducing your eco-footprint. Rather than disturbing land and building man-made structures from synthetic materials meant to outlast human inhabitants, a log house built on piles can be easily demolished and removed without leaving any trace of its existence on the earth. This type of design also allows areas of shade and sun that help to both naturally warm and cool the log house built on piles. This also allows ventilation to flow under the house and helps to protect the log house from termites as well as other pests and vermin.

Not all reasons for building a log house on piles are from an efficiency design perspective. Sometimes building a log house on piles merely maximizes the home dwellers views and is especially effective on hillsides and mountainous terrain (where conventional foundations may not be effective) as well as wooded areas. The design of a log house can take full advantage of the site and its surroundings (and adding large glass panes can create magnificent panoramic views). Piling isnt just for residential or recreational dwellings, however, and it is interesting to note that certain well-known architecture exists on piles. Some of these structures include: the San Francisco Ferry Terminal, London Bridge, Seine River bridges in Paris, the Royal Palace in Amsterdam and the Berlin Castle and Opera House.

If you are considering building a log house on piles, it is suggested that the pile foundation be designed, and its installation be supervised, by a competent engineer and building contractor. Piles need to be designed and placed in such a way as to be able to hold and balance weight. As load bearing aspects of construction, it is important that they are designed and installed properly, especially since log houses arent conventional types of housing and may distribute weight slightly differently.

While this WoodenHouse Established on Piles is built from Round Logs, that is merely a design feature of this particular log house and there is no need to build to this exact design plan. Full scribe (also known as Swedish Cope) construction is a beautiful, strong form of architecture, but the possibilities when building a log house are endless and come down to personal preference! So when building the log house of your dreams, consider your site and whether building on piles might be a suitable alternative for your dwelling!

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