The HC1 is the New Ultra-lite Camper By Happier Camper

The HC1 is the New Ultra-lite Camper By Happier Camper

The HC1 is the new ultra-lite camper By Happier Camper and this post from Tiny House Swoon gives us a sneak peek at this sleek new trailer. This series of captivating photos and videos demonstrates the unique modular design of the HC1 trailer. These stylish little trailers let you camp with comfort and ease. No more sleepless nights on the hard ground or waking in the middle of a rainy night with a puddle in your tent. With a lightweight camp trailer you can hitch all the comforts of home on the back of your car as you head out into the great outdoors. Move your modules around to transform your moveable home from a padded platform for lounging or sleeping to a functional kitchen to whip up a meal for you and your friends. Everyone in the campground will have their eyes on your stylish home away from home.

Happier Camper is a relatively young company that started up in 2011 in Los Angeles. Owner Derek is passionate about restoring vintage trailers such as the classic Boler. Not only does he restore, buy, sell, rent and trade vintage trailers, he also designs and builds hip and highly functional new trailers inspired by classic designs. With an emphasis on eco-friendly design, his newest trailer, the HC1 is soon to hit the market with many fans eagerly awaiting it's arrival.

Tiny House Swoon is a website dedicated to providing ideas, eye candy and inspiration for tiny house aficionados. With the catchy slogan "there's beauty in less", Tiny House Swoon is chock full of jaw dropping photos of some of the most fascinating and creative tiny homes out there today.

To catch a glimpse of this sweet little camp trailer for yourself, visit the website link below to the Tiny House Swoon website.

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