The Greatest Little Cabin In The Woods

The Greatest Little Cabin In The Woods

Cabin living is a great way to live. Having a combination of natural logs and stones, a vaulted ceiling, and a front porch creates a relaxing space that leaves you feeling comfortable in a serene atmosphere. Its a reassuring thought that you dont have to take a long drive to have the opportunity to enjoy nature.

Imagine gathering some of your family and friends around a cozy fire. No doubt theyll want to come back and visit more often. Making your interior a rejuvenating paradise that makes you feel at home is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself.

Having the comforts of home inside your cabin can be a marvelous thing. Design your living room by adding either a deers head or just antlers above and stacking cut logs on the hearth of the fireplace, a comfy couch, maybe a rocking chair or a bearskin rug. Keeping your kitchen basic and adding a modern gas stove without taking away that rustic feel of the cabin; merge into the dining area with the old country feel of dining table and chairs. Don't forget about your bedroom, that is a personal space that you can create anything you want it to be.

Now that you have settled into your cabin, we cant forget to take advantage of the great outdoors. From fishing at the nearby lake, to hiking the surrounding trails and hunting the local game, there is a plethora of activity options that can be enjoyed outdoors all year round. If you want to be more active and having the ability to take advantage of your surroundings, this would be most beneficial place to live. With all these options and opportunities including a cozy cabin to call your own home, you can consider yourself having the greatest cabin in the woods.

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