The Gingerbread Cottage

The Gingerbread Cottage

With the tiny house movement becoming so popular in recent years, we've been hearing a lot about people downsizing from larger home and moving into small houses, tiny houses and micro houses. "The Gingerbread Cottage," for rent in Northern Washington is a great way to get away from the city, and to also get a glimpse of what small house living is all about.

This tiny gingerbread cottage located in Point Roberts, Washington is 500 square feet, with one bedroom, one bathroom, sleeps four, has wireless internet, free parking, pets are allowed, small kitchen, a solarium, an upstairs deck, and a gas fireplace. The adorable small cabin is set in a grove of cedars, beside a 250 acre park with trails that lead down to a one mile secluded beach on the Pacific Ocean. It goes to show that when it comes to tiny house, small cabin or gingerbread cottage living or vacation homes it's all about the location. A small house or tiny cabin makes you want to get outside more and enjoy whatever nature is around you. The cute gingerbread cottage can be booked for $109 a night.

This great site is an excellent resource for your tiny house vacation rentals all over the world. Some of the tiny house rentals you will find on this site include; buses, cabins, campers, cottages, domes, earthen homes, floating homes, guest houses, tiny houses on wheels, treehouse, wagon and yurts to name a few. Whether you are just looking for a unique small home vacation rental, or you are considering making a move, or building a small house or tiny house as a vacation getaway of your home, this site is a great go to, with lots of photos, rentals and even a tiny house blog.

To read more about this subject, visit the website link below to the "Tiny House Vacations."

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