The Flouch

The Flouch

Many more people are going the route of living a life that is more aligned with their dreams and passions and that is exactly what Dan did when he built his small home called The Flouch. It might sound like some kind of couch from IKEA, but his pretty home was actually named after his grandparent's farmhouse in Yorkshire, England. He had always dreamt of owning his own home and vineyard and being a vintner. So he went ahead and built his own home on land that was fertile for the vines of grapes, and since then, it has flourished into his dream home and he is so happy living there.

The Flouch is 440 square feet in total, with 2 stories, and a little attic for storage. The home has everything he needs to live happily and run his business, he even makes cheeses like mozzarella, and tends to his large garden and vineyard. His home is in an eco village called The Dancing Rabbit Eco Village, which started in 1997, in northeast Missouri. They hope to be a model for change and growth in the self sustainable, eco conscious movement, and are pioneers of going back to basics.

This is a great article by Tiny House Blog, with so much awesome information on Dan's Flouch home, jam packed with all of the steps he took in creating his home, it is an inspiring article to read, especially if you are thinking of building your very own smaller home. As you can see from the photos, a tiny home doesn't mean that you are crammed into your home with all your stuff, it can be very spacious, like Dan's. The way he has created his vision of his dream life into reality is so amazing and inspiring, a must see! Head over to 'Tiny house Blog' by following the link in the section below for more on The Flouch and tiny house living!

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