The Five Most Popular US Rock Climbing Destinations

The Five Most Popular US Rock Climbing Destinations

Rock climbing has been around for a very long time and is considered one of the most popular adventurous activities existing. In fact, it is considered one of the best ways to get that adrenaline going. If you want to climb the best mountains in the United States, it is important where to start. Lets find out.

Seneca Rocks - West Virginia

If you are looking for the perfect venue to climb, West Virginia is a good choice. 90% of its land is forestry. In the northern end of River Knobs, you can find the Seneca Rocks thats known to be a perfect spot whether you are an expert or a novice. Seneca Rocks varies in difficulty and has known huge 375 mapped routes.

Arrigetch Peaks - Alaska

Alaska is one of the best known rock climbing states in the country because of its massive mountainous environment. The majority of its summits located at the Arrigetch Peaks goes around 6000 feet. Thousands of adventure lovers have visited its peaks to try and conquer them. However, be warned because these peaks are mostly for experts due to its weather.

Hueco Tanks - Texas

If you are a beginner, this low mountain range is good for you. Expert climbers, on the other hand, will also find some tricky assents on the way. Hueco Tanks is known to be one of the most perfect places for rock climbing without supports and use of ropes. Hence, if you are the kind who loves to boulder, this is the best destination for you. The state of Texas, however, is trying to prohibit rock climbing around the area as they believe the climbers are damaging the rock formations and its vegetation. It pays to check the news before booking.

Acadia National Park - Maine

Maine is known for its breathtaking and scenic views, making climbing here an attractive endeavour. The Acadia National Park has eight main mountains with raw rock summits. They are known to be the best in Maine at present. Acadia National Park has the tallest mountain around the US Atlantic coast therefore should be a good choice for advanced rock climbers.

Minnehaha Washington

Minnehaha is one of the most popular mountain ranges in Washington and is located in Spokane. It offers varied difficulties and is also good for bouldering. Don Quixote and The Dihedral are the two popular summits you should try if you want the states hardest climbing.

Before going to any of these locations, make sure to check the difficulty of their ranges. Regardless of where you live or visit, you will always find a mountain to climb. America is a mountainous land and it is a perfect environment for people who are looking to start rock climbing or for experts to start a rock climbing game.