The Famous Elk Tine Log Cabin Beautiful Inside and Out

The Famous Elk Tine Log Cabin Beautiful Inside and Out

The Famous Elk Tine Log Cabin Beautiful Inside and Out. This is one of the small log cabins that is the perfect example of how wonderful log cabins and homes can be. Log homes can cabins have been around for centuries, with some of the first log buildings being constructed in ancient Roman times. The log buildings constructed back then were to serve as multifamily dwellings that could take care of housing the ever growing population. Log homes were still being built in Europe when people decided to immigrate over to North America, and the Swedish people had a hand in teaching other Europeans how to build these amazing log structures that could weather the harsh cold North American winters. People back then had to go out into the forests to source their own wood. Which is much different from what we are used to in log home building practices today. Usually, home cabin kits are prefabricated with all of the parts and pieces included in the package, ready to be assembled. Or at least, the log home building supplies are sourced and milled first and able to be purchased by the builder.

The small log cabins like the Elk Tine log cabin are a nice modest size, making them perfect for a recreational cabin that will be used occasionally by a family or a couple or just a single person. Some people also live in small log cabins like this one as it is enough space for a full time home. This is a charming log cabin has a lovely ambiance to it, with the exposed log walls on the inside and the welcoming porch on the front of the cabin. For a smaller sized cabin this log cabin is quite spacious having a total of 853 square feet of space. Inside the cabin there are 2 bedrooms and one bathroom. The main bedroom is on the main floor, as well as the bathroom and an open concept kitchen, living room and dining area. There is also a mud room which would be great for keeping all of the shoes and coats of the family staying there. Then upstairs there is a sleeping loft that can fit a few beds in it, which would be an awesome sleeping spot for the kids.

Imagine relaxing on the beautiful porch outside of this log cabin. There is plenty of room for log cabin furniture like lounge chairs and maybe a log built swing. You could even perhaps put a table and chairs set out on the patio which could make for a nice place to enjoy meals outdoors. Having a nice patio to enjoy in the summer time is wonderful and it really allows you to take advantage of the long, warm summer days enjoying the natural surroundings. There are so many great home cabin kits that are available right on the internet as well. You can find companies from all over North America that distribute their own log cabin kits from their warehouse and deliver nation wide. The log cabin kits will be delivered right to the building site where you want your cabin to be built and depending on the size of the log home, you may even be able to build it yourself. The small log cabins are generally quite easy to assemble. All of the parts are pre cut and labeled to be assembled according to the instructions. Many people have been able to build their log home cabin kits in a weekend or so if it is a smaller one. The larger cabin and home kits may need some professional assistance however and the really large log homes and mansions sometimes need cranes to help lift the heavy logs. Check out more photos of the floor plan, interior and exterior of the Elk Tine Log Cabin.*

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