The Envy of Every Log House Owner (Click to View Floor Plan)

The Envy of Every Log House Owner (Click to View Floor Plan)

Modeled after the cozy log cabins you’ll find in the Rocky Mountain and Adirondack regions of the United States, this beautiful Snowmass Log Home could be just what you’re looking for! If you’re considering building your own log house to live in, you might want to check out these lovely floor plans! This gorgeous log home combines the beauty of traditional mountain cabins with luxurious contemporary details, making it the ultimate – and most romantic - place to live on Earth. The Snowmass log cabin has the time-honoured open-concept living room, often called a “great room” that comes complete with a stone fireplace.

And, as with any proper home, you’ll find the kitchen in the very center of all the activity! And truly, the architects have thought of everything for this place – including a doorway from the garage that goes directly to the kitchen, so you won’t have to carry your grocery bags very far. And yes, it’s a spacious gourmet kitchen to boot, including an island for all of your food preparation and serving requirements. This log cabin home is perfect for entertaining guests, spending quality time with loved ones, and celebrating holidays with family! The Snowmass log cabin also includes has a huge master bedroom that comes with an ensuite master bathroom. You can just keep on dreaming big if you build this log cabin home and get yourself a luxurious bathtub, or heck – even a Jacuzzi – to go with it! Oh, and the master bedroom also has an airy walk-in closet space that’s big enough to house a horse or two.

In addition to the well-appointed master bedroom, you’ll find two more spacious bedrooms in the open loft above, either for the kids or guests – or both! There’s also a subdivided bathroom that the kids or guests can share. And from up here, the view is exquisite as you can look right down on the living room and the fireplace on the main floor beneath you. You will never feel lonely or isolated in this warmly welcoming log cabin. You can spoil your guests and family with a lot of tender loving care and hospitality. They may never want to leave and we can’t blame them! We found the Snowmass Log Cabin over at the Hochstetler Milling Quality Log Cabins website, and this is just one wonderful log cabin home out of an entire selection of quality, hand-crafted log homes. Hochstetler Milling is located in central Ohio and they have been in business since 1986 – over thirty years now! They certainly must know what they are doing to have been in business for so long.

You’ll also be very happy to know that the good people over at Hochstetler Milling run an ethical business and are very concerned about their impact on the environment. They believe in building a sustainable future for the children of today! They implement selective harvesting as well as principled planting processes and are always very careful to restock each and every tree that they use. They also make good use of each and every part of the trees they cut down – for example, the inside part (or “heart”) of the wood become the logs and beams for building the main structure while the outer casings of the wood are used mainly for siding. They utilize the traditional “tongue and groove” log cabin building style and they have even found a use for their wood shavings – they’re turned into bedding for livestock. All in all, it sounds pretty good to us. Whether it’s the Snowmass Log Cabin Home you’re interested in, or one of the bigger – or smaller – designs, these Hochstetler Milling plans are really worth looking at.

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