The Entirely Free Upcycled Pallet Wood Strawberry Pallet Planter Project is DIY Bliss

The Entirely Free Upcycled Pallet Wood Strawberry Pallet Planter Project is DIY Bliss

If you are an avid fan of DIY projects, then keep on reading! DIY projects give you the sense of satisfaction and fulfillment after they are done. You might have tried creating variety of DIY projects before but have you tried making a strawberry pallet planter? The strawberry pallet planter is easy to build. Your strawberry plants will do well in this planter as there are levels they can grow from and lots of good soil.They will be easy to maintain and water in this off the ground planter.

First of all you will need a pallet that is still in good condition, no moss and without rot. Keep in mind that pallet that came from another country and were susceptible to chemicals, and you have had to be careful when buying it from an unknown source. Choose a pallet that has six or nine planks so that it will be cut into three equivalents sized each piece (note: if you want to build larger strawberry pallet planter, choose the 12 planks). Next, you will also need your tools such as hammer, electrical drill, screw or nails and jigsaw to get the job done. Below is the short instruction of how to build the pallet planter:

1. Cut the pallet in three equal pieces.

2. Trim the wood neatly and remove any excess parts of the woods.

3. Joined the two end pieces of the middle part of the pallet and screw each side of the base.

4. Create or separate four square-shaped pieces of blocks that is from the center piece of the pallet and use it to make the pallets feet.

5. Finally, place it upright and you are done! You can paint it but depends on you.

Once it is done, you can start filling the pallet with soil and compost. Many people opt to put scraps of wire and then landscaping cloth at the bottom of the pallet. This is a good idea as it will help to keep the soil in place.Then you can start planting your strawberry in a pallet.

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