The Earth House Estate - Swiss off grid living

The Earth House Estate - Swiss off grid living

It's no secret that the rise of tiny homes has brought along some really interesting designs and structures. Wait until you see the earth house estate - Swiss off grid living. Swiss people tend to be well known for having well made and innovative buildings, cities, and other products. This article doesn't actually focus on this one house, it's actually a collection of 40 houses from around the globe that stand out for their unique qualities. The earth house estate just made the list, and while it's an incredible design, some of the others are quite fascinating too!

Take for example the beehive houses in Syria, Iran... literally made from mud and dirt in the shape of beehives, these structures are still standing even though they were built approximately 3 700 years ago. The next one that stands out, (or up), is a suspended wooden sphere hanging in the woods. Based out of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, a couple designed an incredible home that is literally just a sphere hanging from the trees. To access this unique home, you need to walk up the spiraled staircase. While this home is equipped with most things, unfortunately it's lacking a toilet which may be enough to turn you off from this design. Although, they're working on incorporating these into future models.

You'll have to read the article to get the full list of amazing homes, but I'll just mention one last house... it's an upside down house! It was built to look as though it's just a regular home but upside down so the roof is at the base, and the floor is acting as the roof! You'll just have to see it to understand. So click on the link below now to get redirected to the "Suzanne Day" website and prepare to be amazed.

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