The Crib at Strathmore

The Crib at Strathmore

With tiny houses popping up all over the country, there are more styles, plans and designs to choose from than ever before. "The Crib at Strathmore" is just one example of how unique and amazing tiny house living can be!

This fairytale like prefab crib inspired tiny home was designed by Broadhurst Architects for a client owning a remote site in Nanjemoy Creek in Charles County, Maryland. This tiny house is just 250 square feet, and features an expandable kitchen wall, living room with an efficient propane fireplace, a sleeping loft and a bathroom, along with a pretty cute deck. The tiny house at Stratmore is made of recycled materials with an earth friendly, non finished heat treated poplar wood, rain water collection system and solar panels installed. The tiny house has a modern security system to protect it from bears, rodents and other undesirable visitors. It's unique design is surrounded by trees and beautiful scenery, perfect for sitting on its outside patio and enjoying the scenery.

As mortgage rates rise higher and higher, the tiny house movement is growing in popularity. Many people are ditching their American Dream of living large and instead are opting to live in more compact, sustainable tiny houses where they usually own their tiny houses outright, and can do away with large mortgages, and seriously a large house just means you have that much more space to fill with expensive stuff. Living small allows you to reconsider what really matters in life, and allows you to spend your money on the things you are passionate about from traveling and to hobbies you love. There is no shortage of tiny house ideas and styles from cobb cottages, beach shacks, gingerbread cottages, shipping container homes, strawbale homes, dome house, prefab tiny houses, yurts, tree houses, RVs, motorhomes, laneway houses, garden cottages, micro homes, off grid tiny houses, log cabins, beach cottages, teardrop campers, cargo trailers, houseboats, beach chalet, pergolas, van dwelling, can dwelling, tiny houses on wheels, bus conversions, house trucks and so more.

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