The Coolest Log Cabin Interiors You Have EVER Seen

The Coolest Log Cabin Interiors You Have EVER Seen

Nowadays the trend towards a modern design has taken the lead full swing but there are still people who love that rustic cottage country look too. This article takes a look at some rustic interior designs to make a point that it can compete with the modern look.

There's something about the quaint warmth that a rustic feel offers that instantly makes you feel at home and comfortable. The first one you'll see is a cozy porch with a stone fireplace, the second is a kitchen with crochet detailing on the light fixture - a totally creative idea that I've never seen before, in addition to the crochet granny squares along the wall. The third photo takes a minimalist approach with little to no furniture in the room other than the benches against the walls and a gorgeous carpet in the center to add some warmth. Then you have a room with a beachy feel; it has white walls and linen to create a light and airy look. The next photo after is a cross between rustic and contemporary with a much sleeker and polished look compared to the others. After that we see a photo of a rustic cottage with stone adorned walls and beautiful exposed logs, with white accents to complete the look. And finally we have the three last photos of kitchens with contemporary pops. The first two have sleek white counter tops that contrast against the beautiful wood, with chairs that have been reupholstered with modern red and gold geometric patterned material. The last kitchen has the central wood dining table surrounded by red leather chairs.

If you're looking for new ideas and inspiration to redesign your home, then checkout this article. If you like anything rustic and charming with a touch of contemporary - you'll be sure to love these designs.

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