The Cameron is 2223 Square Feet of Log Home Building Mastery - CLICK for Floor Plans

The Cameron is 2223 Square Feet of Log Home Building Mastery - CLICK for Floor Plans

Looking for a beautiful and large log home? The Cameron is 2223 Square Feet of Log Home Building Mastery! There are some log homes that just surpass all the rest when it comes to the craftsmanship and the design. The Cameron is one of them. Coming from Estemerwalt Log home building company, this is just one of their many gorgeous log homes that they offer through their website. Their log home kits are available for shipping internationally, and you can check in with their website to see if they will be able to ship to your location.

The Cameron is a larger sized log cabin that is a total of 2223 square feet, with three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms in total, making it large enough for a small to a large family, depending on how much space you need in a log home. The master suite is on the main floor, near the front end of the home, complete with an en suite bathroom and a walk-in closet, which we know how much people appreciate these days. The laundry room is across the hallway and a half bathroom, or powder room is adjacent to the bedroom. A beautiful kitchen, with a long island, is open to the rest of the floor space, the nicely sized dining room and the great living room, with full floor to ceiling windows and a majestic fireplace. On the back portion of the home, there is a gorgeous and huge deck. This would be the perfect deck to enjoy barbecues and to sunbathe on, especially if the view was a good one.

The other couple of bedrooms are on the upper level, also with a full bathroom, and a little loft area overlooking the main level, into the living room area, and able to have the views out of the ceiling level windows in the living room. Great for kids to have their private space to feel like they have some privacy away from the rest of the house. The logs used in their homes are all Eastern white pine logs. This is one of the top choices of log used when building and preparing log home kits and in the building of log homes and cabins. They tend to be up there with spruce and red cedar for their durability and strength, as well as their workability and aesthetic quality. The white pine has a nice light colour to it as well which looks beautiful. Their logs will also experience low shrinkage because they are white pine. White pine is less prone to insect infestations as well which can save a lot of hassle and trouble of exterminating and having to repair the damage done, some of which can be irreversible.

The Estemerwalt Log Homes company shapes their logs in a variety of ways; they use the traditional D-shaped log, which gives you a flat surface on the interior of the home and a rounded surface on the exterior. For a more dramatic look, the full round logs can be used in a variety of diameters, from eight, ten and twelve-inch measurements. The round logs also provide the full benefits of the logs, to provide optimum insulation and high thermal mass, naturally grown within the logs themselves. They also offer thinner siding for homes, as well as the lumber for framing. The Estemerwalt company is a family owned company that has been in the log home building industry for over 130 years now and counting. They are one of the best out there when it comes to log home building and log home kit providers and will stop at nothing to bring their clients the very best in quality log homes and log home kits.

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