The Best Way to Reside in Nature without Giving up the Comforts of Modern Day Life

The Best Way to Reside in Nature without Giving up the Comforts of Modern Day Life

If you are looking for a place to get away for a vacation, this rustic, yet comfortable Barefoot Lodge, might just be the perfect place for you and your loved ones to stay. Log homes and cabins evoke a kind of nostalgia to most people, and they tend to remind us of a time when people lived more simply. If you have a soft spot in your heart for these beautiful structures, than you will love to see this lovely Small Cabin with Loft. Log homes have been made since even before the Europeans started to settle the in North America. They have been being built since 3500 BC, when the population was rising and they didn't have enough housing for people, so, multi family units were built to help house all of the people in the community. So it's no wonder at all why people choose to build log structures for their homes and cabins. People have such a strong trust in the reliability of these beautiful structures.

This vacation rental is from Rent Branson Cabins, who offers several different cabins for rent. Wouldn't this cabin be the perfect place to go for a vacation? You could even live in for a period of time maybe for a summer or a winter, as it can be rented out monthly as well as nightly. This one has a very classic log cabin with a simple design, the gives you the feeling of the typical cabin in the woods. The lovely little deck on the front of the home, could host the perfect chairs that you would love to sit and visit with a good friend or loved one. The cabin just offers such a cozy and warm feeling to all who will enter. A very spacious cabin like this could be the perfect place for friends to get together and all go on a really affordable, and fun trip. There are more than enough bedrooms for everyone too! There are three bedrooms in total, with more than enough beds to accommodate. It would be ideal for six people, but could always have a few more on the sofas. The kitchen is fully stocked, to make all of the meals while you are staying there, just bring the food you will want to make and you are set!

The Branson Cabins are located near Ridgedale, Missouri and you can rent them out through their great website, which has many different cabins to choose from, depending on your needs. Most of them even have a private hot tub on the patio outside, which makes for a very relaxing and spa like vacation. Did I mention there is a wood burning fire place as well? The perfect place to cozy up on a cold night. You can take in some of the local forest surrounding the cabin on a nice hike or nature walk, and enjoy a nice, relaxing retreat away from it all. They offer cabins from a two bedroom size, to a six bedroom size, so there is something for every occasion.

It is true that log homes are known for their cozy and familiar feeling, there is really just a quality that just makes people feel right at home. It might be connected to some nostalgia or memories, or it might just be because the materials come from the earth itself, and that the trees are living beings themselves, that makes us feel so comforted in a log home. Log homes have also been built for centuries, and are a big part of our history as human beings which is why we could attach such meaning to them. I know some of my greatest memories growing up were in our cabin at the lake. Check out more on this awesome cabin!

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