The Best Way to Get Rid of Upper-Lip Hair

The Best Way to Get Rid of Upper-Lip Hair

“Every woman's hair grows in at a different rate—typically between two and six weeks, a time frame predetermined by genetics and hormones. So it's better to choose an option based on your skin type/tone and hair texture”, says Mona Gohara, M.D., a dermatologist at Advanced DermCare in Connecticut. So in order to hide or remove upper-lip hair, you may use one of the methods written below.

1. Bleach method.

A cream bleach is suitable for lightening hairs that are just dark. It is best to purchase bleach that are only recommended for use on the face, as some of them could irritate your skin. If necessary, pick a cream that highly suits your skin type whether be dry, oily, etcetera. Before using this kind of method, it would be best if you apply a small amount in your skin and wait about 15 to 20 minutes. If irritation occurs, discontinue the use of the cream bleach.

2. Wax method.

There are actually a numerous hair waxing product available in malls nowadays, but it would be best if you purchase one of the best selling wax. This method removes hair entirely and can be done at home.

3. Depilatory creams.

This is actually a harsh idea but this would probably painlessly cause the hair to fall out from the root. So it would be best if you’ll select a cream designed for frail facial skin.

4. Epilator method.

This method is only possible if the hairs are long enough for the epilator to catch.

5. Laser Removal Method.

This is actually the trending and most effective way that many people use nowadays, but this would be expensive in your part as you will need fewer sessions for this type of method. It may take between 6- 12 treatments before you will see the results. So it would be better if you will search the best specialist and read some reviews regarding this.

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