The Best Way to Experience the Fun of Camping without Sacrificing the Comforts of Home

The Best Way to Experience the Fun of Camping without Sacrificing the Comforts of Home

If you are an avid camper, you will want to have a look at this Camping Car Pliant. In North America camping has become a very popular pastime for people to get away from the rush of the city lifestyle. If you have ever been camping, you know that spending the whole time in a small tent can turn into something that is less than desirable by the end of your trip. That is why it's so great that there are campers and tent trailers like this fold out camper that can be pulled behind a car. Wouldn't it also be cool to use this fold out camper as a tiny home perhaps? Maybe just for a short while anyway. Tiny houses can be as small as this folding camper and having a small space that you can take wherever you go can be ideal for people who move around a lot, or who are always on the go for work.

The foldout camper trailer is able to be pulled by a small vehicle, which makes it great for people who don't have a high towing capacity on their vehicle. Certain tiny homes can be up to 10,000 pounds which is a lot to have to pull behind a vehicle. Cars would not be able to tow that much, and many SUVs would not even be able to tow that much weight. For most tiny homes you would need a heavy duty truck to be able to pull a tiny home's weight. But not for this tiny camper trailer, it was designed to be as light as possible so that people with only a car can take it anywhere they, please. The sides of the camping trailer fold out once it is parked at the camping site. One side is canvas, and the other is clear vinyl material. When it unfolds it has double the space!

The hard pard of the camper is the main part from which the other two parts fold out from. Inside the hard centre of the camper trailer, there looks to be a kitchen and a bathroom, that you can see in the drawings. There is lots of shelving in this area of the camper as well, making it great for longer trips as well as shorter ones. The one side of the fold out part seems to be a sleeping area, and the other seems to be a lounging living room area, with fold out chairs, sofa and a table. The sides are clear to act like windows to look out to the outdoors. The protective covering on the sides can also fold up partially and the floor remains, so that you can basically have a deck to hang out on. You can see a person in one of the photos fishing in a lake sitting on the edge of the deck.

Orange and white seem to be the main colours of this camper giving it sort of a retro feel with a modern flare. The design is very simple and minimalistic keeping all of the lines clean on the trailer. This would make for the perfect tiny home away from home when you go on your camping expeditions. Much better than tenting it, and cheaper than owning a cabin or renting hotels while traveling. It would totally be like having a tiny house on the go. Owning a cabin just means that you go to the same place all the time, and while that can be fun too, being able to take your house on the road with you is wonderful and there is so much that you can see just by driving. This tiny camper fold out trailer is excellent, and would be such a great investment to make. Check out more photos of it on Small Spaces Addiction, as well as more amazing small spaces and tiny homes from all over the world. You will be sure to be inspired by these creative spaces!

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