The Best of Both Worlds: A Traditional-Meets-Modern Prefab Log Home (Click for Floor Plans)

The Best of Both Worlds: A Traditional-Meets-Modern Prefab Log Home (Click for Floor Plans)

What a gorgeous log home plan and kit, you have to check out this Graphis log home floor plan from Kontio Log Houses. Even if you are not looking to purchase or build your own log home, it can still be inspirational to check out options for log homes and see what they are like. There are so many amazing options for log homes these days. The prefab home idea didn't really manifest until the 1900s. Sears was one of the forerunners when it came to creating home building kits that customers could afford and then have delivered to their land to be built. It revolutionized the way people built homes of their own. In more recent days, now that we have the internet, we have so many log home and cabin floor plans and log home building kits available to us than ever before! This makes it so easy to find a preplanned home that suits the needs of your family perfectly.

Log home kits like this Graphis log home kit from Kontio Log Houses, is built with pre-manufactured logs, that have all of the proper notches and grooves in them, ready to be assembled like the perfect third-dimensional puzzle. A manufactured log home which uses machinery to make the cuts and finish the logs is typically less expensive than a log home kit that has been handcrafted by log craftsmen, who use the more traditional tools to finish each and every log, a very time consuming and detail oriented process that takes much more time and precision and therefore, costs more in labor. So it really depends on what the client is looking for and what hey want in their log home. Either way, logs are one of the best, if not the best building materials known to man. We have been using logs since ancient times to build and for tools and crafts, and they truly have no gone out of style whatsoever. If anything, houses built with logs have become more popular and in demand. This is why we have sustainable forests in which the logs grow. This way, the log use can be monitored very closely, and no trees are wasted in the process.

This particular log home plan shows us a very traditional, yet stylish looking log home. The drawings of the finished product show a log home that has so much character, with all of the interesting woodwork. This is a log home that reminds us of the traditional log homes and log buildings one would find in Austria, Switzerland, and Sweden. The floor plan is quite spacious, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, two of the bedrooms are on the main floor with one shared bathroom, and the master bedroom occupies the top floor with it's own private bathroom. Although the house is spacious, it follows a more traditional floor plan, with the compartmentalized rooms, the kitchen, dining room and living room each having their own space, walled off from each other, yet connected through doorways. A specific room for laundry provides a great space to wash up clothes and store linens. The living room is quite spacious, with a lovely spot for a mantle and fireplace, which is the heart of any log home.

The patios are an excellent place to enjoy long summer evenings, barbecuing and enjoying drinks, good conversation and to enjoy the surrounding views. There is even a private large balcony on the front of the house for the master bedroom and many windows throughout the house, all with wooden shutters to protect the inside of the home from storms. Check out this beautiful log home floor plan and more!

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