The Benefits of the Phenomena known as the Bar Shed

The Benefits of the Phenomena known as the Bar Shed

You have probably heard of a man cave, but have you heard of the Benefits of the Phenomena known as the Bar Shed? The man cave is a place for guys to have as their own, an area either within or detached from the house where they can watch sports, play games, and relax and unwind. But the man cave is getting a serious upgrade, and here is a great log shed version of a bar shed from Dude Living. The bar shed can be used by the adults of the family year round as a place to entertain and enjoy some beverages with friends. The bar shed in the photo looks to be a log built shed that was converted. This is a great idea for a shed that you may have in your own backyard! This beautiful log-built shed shows the beauty of the wood on the exterior and in the exposed beams on the ceiling of the patio area. This is an absolutely perfect addition to any log home or log cabin. It's like having your own private bar on your property, one that you can meet with friends at, and where you pay a fraction for the drinks. You also wouldn't have to worry about having a designated driver or getting a taxi either! You only have to walk a few steps and you would be right in your own house.

This would be perfect for the log cabin at the lake for the summer months when everyone likes to get together and have some beverages. There could be so many wonderful and different ways to create the perfect backyard bar shed. You can create it with a nice large patio, like the one you see in the photo on Dude Living. They have created a nice little patio area like an outdoor living room just outside of the bar shed. Complete with a pool table on the deck, and a small television set, this patio would be the place to hang out with friends in the summer time. There are even curtains that can be pulled to give some more privacy.

Inside a bar shed you would have tables and chairs to sit at, and of course a bar! The bar could be built from logs or wood, or it could be a stainless steel one. Shelving can be put up to display all of your favourite liquors, and a beer fridge can be installed as well to house all of the nice, ice cold beer. Beer on tap could also be installed with a draft tap to hook a keg up to. As you can see in the photo on Dude Living, the interior looks much like a normal pub or lounge, with a nice modern sofa and chairs to sit on, with a coffee table. Wooden shelving and siding could be used from reclaimed logs, to give the interior a nice log cabin look. You don't need to decorate your garden pub in sports memorabilia either if you don't want to. It can have a funky tiki vibe, or maybe a mid-century the 60s vibe. I quite like the log cabin feel for the backyard bar; it makes it feel like a nice rustic retreat. You could even have a rock and roll 70s kind of look, and have a record player, with some kitschy art hanging on the walls, and some fun lighting.

A very simple unit can be built from wood as you see in the last photo on the website. Just build a roof and a small enclosed space for the bartender and the liquor, and add some stools and you are good to go! Bar sheds started to become popular around seven years ago in the United Kingdom, and have since made their way over to the United States and most likely Canada. People are catching onto this backyard retreat and loving it! Check out the cool ones on Dude Living and maybe you will like to build your own!

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