The Beautiful Tiny Pavilion

The Beautiful Tiny Pavilion

"The beautiful tiny pavilion," is simple in design, with just one room where there is a desk and a hammock for sleeping. The tiny living space is modern with lots of windows that extend the interior space outside for a spacious feeling.

The beautiful tiny pavilion was built when their daughters out grew their swing set and the family decided to replace it with a Pavilion for summer use. The Pavilion has a parrilla to grill beef and chorizos following the Argentinian and Uruguayan tradition. The tiny pavilion won a RAVE award in 2012, designed by architects Marcelo Valdes (AIA). The architects are a residential architecture firm based in the Twin Cities and specialize in home design. This firm believes in making homes that are enjoyable, and amazing while cutting back on unnecessary square footage and cost. They believe in making quality a priority over quantity, with the homes they design not just about looking good and working well for their clients, but in lessening the environmental impact that the residential building market has today.

This architecture firm provides all the range of design services needed for a successful new home or remodel. Their services are grouped into three stages; the creation, the development and the construction of a home. The creation is where some of the most significant design decisions are made. The first step is a meeting where they become acquainted with the building site and try to understand the client's vision and budget for the home. Soon after this meeting they come up with the first proposal, and based on the clients comments they submit a new one. This back and forth of ideas concludes with a proposal that the client really likes. This stage of the process is called SCHEMATIC DESIGN.

Next stage of the process is the development. After the Schematic design the firm starts working on the specifics of the project. This is where they develop the loosely designed spaces from the Schematic stage and then focus on the wide range of decisions to be made, from windows to paint colors. This phase of the process concludes with a bidding and a construction set of plans used for building the home. This stage of the process is called CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS.

Lastly is the construction of the home. There are many ways to select a builder for the construction. These range from pre-selecting a contractor at the start of the design project, to selecting one after the project is completed and the bids come in. The design firm helps clients make these decisions, and supports them in the construction administration of the project as well as visiting the site regularly to check that the home is built to plans. Working closely with your architectural design team ensures that your building design comes together exactly the way you planned.

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