The Basic Cumberland Which Costs Less then $17,000 (Starting Kit) Is One of the Most Popular Model Log Homes EVER

The Basic Cumberland Which Costs Less then $17,000 (Starting Kit) Is One of the Most Popular Model Log Homes EVER

The Basic Cumberland log cabin is a wonderful option for an authentic log built cabin. This smaller log cabin is an excellent option for someone who would like to have a log cabin with lofts. This Basic Cumberland log cabin has potential to be a sweet little family recreational cabin for seasonal use. Log cabins like this Basic Cumberland log cabin were made to endure the elements for decades, if not centuries. We are seeing log cabins that have been standing since the 1800s, they are not in the absolute best condition of course, but they still have those solid bones. This is because of the strength and resiliency of the logs. When building a log home or log cabin, you never have to worry about it going out of style, because even the most basic log cabins and homes continue to be highly regarded and respected as a traditional European and American standard of quality and excellence.

Here we have The Basic Cumberland Log Cabin from Amish Made Cabins company. What a wonderful example to show how authentically beautiful logs themselves are. We see that even a smaller log cabin still shows such magnificence and natural beauty. Of course, the larger log homes and chalets show just how expansive a home logs can build, but the smaller ones like this one, show the charm in simplicity. The interior of the Basic Cumberland log cabin is also minimal, with a well thought out floor plan to include all of the necessities for a log cabin. The basic floor plan for this log cabin kit is left open with no walls so that the layout can be decided by the client. The kitchen, the bathroom and any additional walls, as well as the lofts, can be added onto the initial cost for the Basic Cumberland log cabin. Lofts would be such a great addition to this log cabin, especially if the family has children. Lofts in log cabins create a wonderful sleeping space for the kids as well as additional storage and hang out space. As you will see in the photos of the log cabin, they will implement hand crafted cabinetry upon request, and the cabin can be stained which gives it that beautiful, warm glow you see in the photos on their website.

Each of their quality log cabins is built by a team of highly talented craftsmen, and each one can be tailored to the customer's preferences and details. Amish Made Cabins also offers a log home package, so the customer receives a prefabricated building kit where each and every piece is made to fit perfectly together, with all of the parts and pieces labeled and numbered for ease and efficiency. This makes it easy to be able to build a smaller log cabin like the Basic Cumberland log cabin, with a few people over a short period of time. If one doesn't have the time or the people to build it themselves, contractors can always be hired to build the log home. It depends on personal experience and comfort in being able to build the log cabin as well. A smaller log cabin like this one wouldn't take very long to build at all. Most log cabins this size could be built in as short as a weekend or a few weeks depending on the building schedule. Log-built homes and cabins are some of the most desirable buildings in all the world. With their timeless allurement and natural charm, mixed with their sustainability and durability it's no wonder so many people all over the world have such a high regard and appreciation for log-built structures.

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