The Architects of This Log House Certainly Outdid Themselves (Click for Floor Plan)

The Architects of This Log House Certainly Outdid Themselves (Click for Floor Plan)

The Rominger home plan is a log home plan that is the perfect size for full time living, or as a summer vacation home. With 2,617 square feet of living space on two floors, this four bedroom and three bathroom log home has all the features to make it the log home of your dreams. This log home is designed by Beaver Mountain, who does a great job at helping you design your custom built log home. This log home design has all sorts of details to make it appealing, from its dormers for more space, cathedral ceilings on the main floor, covered porches and stonework. On the main floor of this log home floor plan, there is an open kitchen/dining room/living room, a mudroom, bedroom with bathroom and walk-in closet, half bathroom, covered deck and porch. On the upstairs floor, there are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a den. This log home floor plan has lots of exposed wood throughout that give it a cozy and warm feel. This log home was built combining logs with stonework to create a rustic and elegant look. This log home has a walkout basement that also includes a recreation space, and covered porches at the front and the back of the log home, great spots to enjoy the surrounding forests and mountains.

Beaver Mountain Log and Cedar Homes was founded in 1982; they have built a log home business with strong family values, and a passion for building custom-built log homes. The company's main focus is to design, produce and build quality custom-crafted cedar, log and timber homes in the northeast. Their plan was never to be the biggest log home company, they just wanted to be the best. A tradition of log home craftsmanship that has spanned three generations and more than 70 years, with a commitment to excellence, in building custom log homes that you and your family can be proud of. Their family values influence their entire log home company with their goal to always provide outstanding customer service and a quality log home build. Today, they are proud to have over 2000 happy log homeowners and clients, which results in many long-lasting relationships, and they are extremely proud that most of their business is the result of referrals. You will want to take a peek at their site and see the wide variety of beautiful log home plans they have to choose from.

This is a great log home site where you will find lots of log home plans on building the log home of your dreams. On the site you will find log home budget tips, from a mortgage affordability calculator to cost saving tips, log cabin and log home design, log home tours, log home floor plan fundamentals, and log home design options. You will also find log home floor plans, how to build a log home step by step, who you should hire when building your log cabin or log home, log home materials you can use and log green home building. Along with log home furnishings, log home decor and log home room ideas, how to maintain a log home, and log home companies. You will also find plenty of log home stories, inspirations, and ideas to help you figure out what it is you want in a log home. Some of the log homes you will find on this site include, Hillside Haven, a New York log home, a Riverfront retreat, a Montana timber log home, a contemporary timber log home, and the gathering place, an Adirondacks lakeside log home retreat offers year-round rest and recreation.

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