The Answer To: 'I Want a Log Home, but I Don't Know Where to Start.'

The Answer To: 'I Want a Log Home, but I Don't Know Where to Start.'

Have you always wanted to build your own home from scratch but never knew where to start? Research is always a great place to begin, so why dont we have a quick look at the construction process from the initial planning to the finished house? Knowledge is a powerful tool and if we know what to expect throughout the entire home-building process, it wont seem quite so overwhelming.

Wouldnt it be a dream come true to not only own your own home but to build it yourself? We totally understand how you feel. Tired of renting? Tired of living in a home you own but didnt design? Every persons home tastes are so different - and what pleases one may totally annoy someone else. Like, why did they put that door there? And the kitchen is way too small! And where is all the storage space?

Theres nothing more empowering than sitting down and deciding what you want in a home, then to set about literally creating that dream turning it into a reality! So lets have a look at the house-building steps to making those very dreams come true.

First of all, find the right home construction company to work with. Ask your friends for advice. Who can you trust? Who will do the job right? Once you have a few recommendations, start checking them out. Make an appointment for an initial consultation. Ask lots of questions! Building a house is a huge job and you will need to work with these people for several months so its really important that you like them. Are they friendly? Are they honest? Are they knowledgeable? Do they go out of their way to go the extra mile for you? What are their past projects and are you happy with the results? Above all: do you think you can work with them?

The next step is to work with the architects and construction workers to figure out the design of your new home and to find out how that plan will work. Also, most importantly, you need to find out what the estimate is how much is all of this going to cost anyway? Consider the foundation of the house, the main floor and any other extra level. Consider the roof! You need to know what the overall cost is going to be so you can start a financial plan of some sort.

Next, youll need to get all of the appropriate paperwork done, including the building permits. This can be a very time consuming process, especially if its the first time youve ever done it. If youve chosen the right company to work with, however, these good folks will help you through this process. They do it all the time, and so they will know the fastest and wisest - way to get through all of the red tape.

The following step is signing the construction contract. This is your last chance to back out of the deal. What are your instincts saying good to go, or NO?! Your gut feeling is always the most accurate one. You might also want to ask a friend whos already gone through this process for his or her advice. If youve got the green light, then go ahead and close the deal.

Now the architects will produce detailed plans and drawings for the new home, working alongside you with your needs in mind. Dont be afraid to push for what you want, but also be open to their suggestions as well remember, theyve done this so many times already! The best negotiations are when both parties walk away satisfied.

We discovered these really helpful house planning and construction steps over at the Team Kanada Blockhaus website. Theyve got tons of great information over there, just in case you need it!

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