Take a Virtual Tour of This a Tiny Texas House

Take a Virtual Tour of This a Tiny Texas House

Ever see a tiny house and wonder what it might look like on the inside? Well now is your chance to Take a Virtual Tour of This a Tiny Texas House! Tiny house living is on the rise, becoming more popular than ever in our time. Tiny house living used to be the norm when people were first coming over from Europe, they would live in houses that were just big enough for their families to live and sleep in. And the Native people who were already here would live in smaller houses as well, since they would sometimes be nomadic and have to take down their homes to move and then set up in a new location.

Throughout history we see these gypsy caravan type homes that people all over the world would use if they were of the nomadic type. This Tiny Texas House called the Tantra Temple built by Brad Kittel who is the owner of Tiny Texas Houses, it is one of his many houses that he has built, and it is pretty amazing! The whole house is split into 2 levels, and actually has quite a bit of room in it! This house will be a part of Tiny Texas Territories and Villages a project in Luling, Texas.

Brad does a whole walk through with the crew of Pure Salvage Living from Tiny Texas Houses who have filmed it and posted it on You Tube so that people can see how amazing tiny houses can be. The little tiny house temple is definitely something to see. It really does look like a gypsy caravan but way larger. Brad takes us on a tour through the home he built himself, for himself, showing us all of the little details along the way. Most of the items he has collected over the years in hopes to use them in a project and its so awesome that he has been able to!

The tiny house has two levels if you can believe it or not! It may not look like it would even have enough room to stand up in, but it totally does! There is a little kitchen area on the main floor, with an outdoor bathroom, that can be glassed off in the colder months and opened with screens in the warmer months so he can take a shower outside essentially! There is also a half bath in the upper level that he has a sink in and also will have a little toilet, for night time use. The upstairs is where he will have the living room and his writing desk. The bedroom is tucked away and is very spacious actually, with room for a little closet. He uses old confessional booths for his closet spaces! Isn't that a great idea? They would be the perfect size and carry some pretty amazing stories in them... He also has a few different meditation spots where he can do his daily mediations, even a swinging one in the future. His bed will be a swinging bed as well! I love all of the lovely stained glass and all of the amazing items that are from India. This is one incredible home that goes to show how possible it would be to create and build your own home!

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