Super Cool DIY Lighting Project

Super Cool DIY Lighting Project

Do it yourself wood lamp lighting has never been easier, or more attractive! This lovely lamp made from logs is both functional and very artistic. Imagine it in your cottage or log cabin or even your house no matter where it is, it can light up your world with a warm rustic ambience as well as the singular satisfaction that you made it all by yourself!

The whole concept of DIY or do-it-yourself is all about creating, building, fixing, or modifying objects and tools without the assistance of any expert. Quite often DIY doers do it because they want to make something totally unique out of natural, self-sourced materials rather than relying on big business to provide it for them in exchange for cash. Rather than pay a lot of money for something thats mass produced, why not build it for free (or at least cheap) and make it totally your own? The do-it-yourself movement has been around for a long time, but its becoming increasingly popular these days as people become more interested in self-reliance and self-empowerment. Theres truly nothing better than the feeling that youve created (or repaired) something all on your own. And when you can make unique and useful objects, like this lamp for example, why would you bother going shopping ever again unless its to buy a few tools, of course!

Speaking of which, in order to make this beautiful, warm-glowing wood lamp, first you must gather all of your tools and materials together in one place. Youll need wood, plexy tube, wood glue, varnish, a brush, an LED light that gives off a yellow glow, an LED light adapter, a saw blade, a hammer, drill, and a sander.

Next, youll need to read the full details, step-by-step, over at the Todo Manualidades site below!

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