Super Affordable Tiny Cabins that Cost Between $9000 and $30,000

Super Affordable Tiny Cabins that Cost Between $9000 and $30,000

You will want to take a look at this tiny home and tiny shed site with lots of super affordable tiny cabins that cost between $9000 and $30,000. Summerwood Products is located in Toronto, Canada and they also have a fantastic website that is very detailed, providing excellent tiny house plans in a variety of designs and styles. Summerwood sells all sorts of quality outdoor products such as pool cabanas, gazebos, playhouses, garden sheds, home studios, garages and spa enclosures. You will especially love their tiny backyard cabins which dont have to stay in the backyard, they can be used as a tiny vacation house, guest house or playhouse.

On the site you can buy a pre-cut tiny house kit, a pre-assembled tiny shed kit or the plans for the tiny cabins. The pre-assembled format for the tiny houses is designed for easy convenient assembly, with most of the components pre-assembled and ready for you to put together on site. The pre-cut format is ideal for the consummate do-it-yourselfer. Summerwood designs the product, purchases and cuts all the materials, builds the doors and windows and ships the pieces to the buyer. Pre-cut structures will likely require about 50% more assembly time, but they are also less expensive and may offer greater satisfaction once the job is done.

The tiny cabin kits on the site range in price from approximately $9,000 to $30,000 for pre-cut, to $10,000 to $34,000 for the pre-assembled tiny house. You will especially love the Canmore tiny cabins which come in both small and larger sizes. They range in size from less than 144 square feet for the small and 320 square feet for the large. The largest is 2020 feet. The Canmore has about 16 styles to choose from. Some of the larger styles of tiny cabins on the site are the Cheyenne cabins which are from 168 square feet to 540 square feet and the Mountain Brook cabins from 168 to 512 square feet.

The Summerwood website also lists the tools you will need to build your own tiny cabin kit, how long it will take to build, the types of tiny cabin foundations to use, a breakdown of the tiny cabin dimensions and the materials and cut-away views of the tiny house construction. The tiny homes can be fitted with electrical, insulation and plumbing.

Some of the upgrades you can add to a tiny house kit include cedar siding to finish the interior tiny house walls and ceilings. Two sided partition walls that can create separate rooms, and private spaces within the tiny house. Steel doors that can help create a modern and unique look. Insulation for warmth and protection from the elements. A wide variety of cedar upgrades to use for rafters, trusses, floor boards, studs, and roof boards. Summerwood Products ships to anywhere in the world. Tiny cabins shipped to the United States include shipping in the tiny cabin kit price.

If you love tiny houses, then you are on the right site. Building your own tiny cabin could also be done right in your own backyard (provided city bylaws allow for this). Since the tiny cabin is not going to be needing much space, you can definitely just make it as an extension of the house. We all need some alone time or a nook where we could just get away from everything else. A tiny cabin or tiny house can be used as a backyard office, artist retreat, guest house or writers cabin. On the Tiny House Blog site you will find all sorts of tiny houses, from cob cottages, tiny houses on wheels, yurts, gypsy caravans and tiny house builds that you can learn about.

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