Super Affordable Living with a Tiny Log Cabin under $XX,000

Super Affordable Living with a Tiny Log Cabin under $XX,000

Did you know that in the past 40 years, the average house size has increased by 57%, but the average size of the family has decreased by 30%? So what do we really need all this space for? Apparently, there are many people catching on to this new trend of building small. It is affordable, cozy, and in the long term makes it possible to actually have a life rather than being tired to your home and all the costs that come along with it.

Example: Travis Pyke and his wife Brittany are a husband and wife that decided to live in a tiny home. They, like many other young people these days, fell in love with the tiny home concept. Being crafty and innovative, they fell in love with the idea of creating and customizing their own tiny dream home. We all dream about customizing our dream home, and with the idea of a tiny home, this actually becomes a reality. This new concept of living small and green makes it possible to get out your pencil and paper and start to envision your perfect compact living quarters. There are not shortages of ideas on how to conserve on space and make things useful, and in the long run the costs of a mortgage does not weigh down a new couple and force them to live under societies growing economic pressures.

Many couples, like Travis and Brittany, value freedom, time and money coming in and stay in rather than paying high utilities bills, large mortgages and filling their home with 'stuff' that loses its sentimental value as time passes anyways. They built a sweet dream home of 204 square feet that they call the Wind River Bungalow.

If you are interested in what they are up to, they have also now created a company out of Chattanooga, Tennessee called Wind River Homes where they build and ship tiny homes to you, wherever you are.

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