Stylish Log Cabins Of Home Design Somerset Log Cabin

Stylish Log Cabins Of Home Design Somerset Log Cabin

Who doesn’t want to live in a cute, rustic and stylish wooden cabin? Its Summer time and the kids are already bugging us to set out dates and make our plans for cottaging. It’s that time of year when school is out, the weather is hot, and everyone want more than anything to get out of the city and just relax. And where better to retreat to, than a cute little wooden cottage tucked away in the woods somewhere or on the lake? I think it sounds absolutely fantastic.

My husband and I have been talking about transitioning to being cottage owners from cottage renters. But where we start? What type of cottage are we looking for? Where? How big? And what about cost? For the last few years we’ve really been into renting log cabins. I suppose its just what has come up on the listings but the kids sure do love it. And so do we. There is just something about the scent of a good ol’ log cabin, don't you think? Staying in a log cabin during your summer vacation also gives you that ‘we’re on vacation’ feeling. It also kind of reinforces the whole idea of getting-away and connecting back with nature. hitting the outdoors and finding oneself back in wilderness. Anyway, this has been my family’s pattern for the last few years and so we are now starting to seriously look into purchasing our very own little lob cabin in the woods. It’s quite exciting.

Its amazing what you can find online when you starting plugging away in google search. Its seems that there is a big trend for off-the-radar living or vacationing and with that also comes different options for the latest eco-friendly cottage or how to live sustainably. New designs for new tiny homes. And then of course…cool new designs for log cabins. Log cabins no longer have to be boring or ‘basic’ – there are many layouts and options out there – its just a matter of what you like and what type of budget you are working with.

Take a look at this site and see what they’re showcasing! Its pretty nice. To read more about this subject/recipe, visit the website link below to the 'PC Glad' website.

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