Stunning Wooden Sink

Stunning Wooden Sink

Sinks are definitely a necessity in a home and we probably need at least two sinks in our house at the very least. If you are looking for a gorgeous, expressive sink, check out this stunning Wooden Sink from Wood Workerz. The beautiful wooden sink was carved out in a pattern that was inspired by topography, the natural curves and layers of the Earth's surface. When you are looking at land, you see rolling hills or mountains, but people who study geography, separate these layers even further, to give people a good idea of all the different types of terrain there truly are on the Earth. On some maps, you can see the topography of a landscape and see the different colour coded layers that make up a piece of land and how they all coexist as one entity.

The sink is totally reminiscent of topography and looks absolutely amazing, the way that it is carved so meticulously. The pieces of wood look like they were thinly sliced, and then layered on top of each other to create the bowl of the sink, and the vanity counter top around the sink. Or, it could very well be all one piece of wood, that has been carved to look like there are layers and layers of wood. I am betting on the latter. Woodworkers and wood carvers take a lot of pride in the work that they do. So I would bet that this was created from one large piece of wood that was whittled away at over time to create the look you see here. I love the way the curves and lines of the wood progress and degrade into making the bowl of the sink. Wood is not easy to carve in such smooth, curvy lines, so it really takes some talent and experience to be able to carve this way.

The faucet is not the prettiest, and a better one could have been chosen perhaps. Maybe it was the one that the client wanted, but I think that a nice, natural copper faucet would look beautiful in juxtaposition to the wood. Or a nice darker brass faucet would look awesome too. The sliver or stainless steel is too stark a contrast, whereas the brown and red tones in a copper or brass faucet would pick up on the reds and browns in the wood that the sink is made out of. What do you think? This sink is totally beautiful no matter what though. I love that they even created a little spot for where the bar of soap will go. That is perfect! They must have also had to put a clear coat or varnish on the sink before using it to put water in.

Wood working is a craft that has been passed down from generation to generation. It is an art form that is so beautiful and unique. People who really have a way with working wood, can create some really beautiful things... Like this sink of course. There are other things that can be created by professional wood workers like furniture for the home, decorations for the home, and details in railings, siding or doors. Wood is one of the things that people have been working with for centuries, and it is something that people in all cultures use and have used throughout history. It is a really special tradition of making things from the trees that come from the Earth so that we can feel connected to the Earth and the plant life here, even if we are in houses or in a building. The craftsmanship that goes into wood working projects is phenomenal and it takes so much patience, practice and precision to get the desired result. Check out more amazing wood working on Wood Workerz website.

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