Stunning Tiny Log Cabin

Stunning Tiny Log Cabin

This is an amazing story of how one stunning tiny log cabin home completely changed the life of an older couple, Tom and Sue. Their life-changing decision to have the home built from scratch came when they saw an advertisement on TV that displayed log cabin tiny homes with quality tongue and groove construction, giant cedar logs, and the hand-crafted craftsmanship that drew their attention. Using nothing but a chainsaw and hand tools, the builders quickly completed their gorgeous log cabin home in no time, complete with carved granite countertops, unique wood log sinks, and a stunning porch with a view to match of a nearby pond. It was so impressive that for the first time in their lives, this couple felt truly relaxed and at ease with all their needs met, and even with surrounding woods for hunting and fishing. Tom and Sue also have an impressive colour scheme of red and gold, a wrap-around deck made from fir, and even a wooden chandelier fashioned after elk antlers.

I have always dreamed of one day having a quiet cabin on a lake or pond to while away my days when I am older, but this incredible tiny log cabin home really takes the cake. I can't wait to have the excuse to get one just like it in the future, as I personally love handcrafted woodcrafting that really makes a log cabin into a quality home. Even the busiest person can't help but relax and feel at ease in this home, and it is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to quality time bonding with the people you really care about. I couldn't imagine a more perfect home away from home, you just have to see it to believe it.

Now it is time for you to see this unique, elegant, and gorgeously stunning tiny log cabin home for yourself. Head over to 'Cabin Life' by following the link in the description below for more!

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