Stunning Rustic Log Home Kitchen

Stunning Rustic Log Home Kitchen

When you are building a log home or cabin, you may want all of the features to flow with the style of the home. This Stunning Rustic Log Home Kitchen pictured here, is the perfect example of this type of interior design, well suited for log homes and cabins. The idea of having the style of the kitchen be continuous with the natural theme, adds so much more than just a matching decor theme. The beautiful pieces that go into it, come straight from nature, and allow you to feel like you are one with nature even in your home or cabin.

The beautiful way they tied in the polished granite with the stone and the wood accents, looks stunning, and is that perfect juxtaposition between the natural and the contemporary style. I love the way they have done the beautiful stone work with the found river rocks in concrete. This kitchen bar is totally appropriate for this type of log home and it will stand up to all of the use it will get, most likely, when it will probably be used every day at breakfast time. Stone and granite not only look great, they are really durable materials that will stand the test of time and age slowly with the log house.

The more modern look of the stainless steel appliances melds well with the natural components of the design too, yet they give it a very modern feel too. Its nice to mix in the more modern things too, to help balance the design. The beautiful blonde wood cabinets flow perfectly with the colours chosen for everything else and reflect the color of the floors and the logs that make up the walls of the home. The gorgeous large windows in the kitchen open the space up nicely to the out doors, which is perfect for what this cabin wants to emulate, which is nature.

A kitchen like this is going to be a timeless kind of decor because that natural style is always appealing, especially in a log home or cabin. It just makes sense to go with a natural vibe for the decor. Not only does it look great, the quality materials will last well into the home's later years, when properly taken care of. The designers really seemed to take all of this into consideration when exciting their design, so the home owners are probably beyond thrilled with their nature kitchen. See this and more photos of other amazing kitchen designs to gain inspiration for your kitchen! Head over to 'Precious Home Design' by following the link in the description below.

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