Stunning Must SEE Log Cabin By Lake

Stunning Must SEE Log Cabin By Lake

Like so many others you've dreamed of owning a log cabin by the lake. How about a log cabin on the lake? This has got to be the best of both worlds, a gorgeous log cabin accompanied by the serenity of a floating home. Imagine that, you walk out your front door to a wrap around patio like no other, this patio transcends all others as it takes you to the waters edge.

Would you like to go for a swim? Just dive in off your patio and enjoy the lake in all it's glory. Get out to dry off and rest on your patio chair with a glass of wine, absolutely! It looks like a little piece of heaven right there on the lake. Your very own yard of crystal blue water.

French doors adorn this rustic cabin, so stepping out to the patio is effortless whatever time of year. The cabin has such nostalgic charm and just as the forest ages beautifully so to does this structure, aging and yet so timeless.

Even on a winters day as you hear the snow falling on that sturdy metal roof, you'll think to yourself... There are very few things better than this moment right here, right now. As the snow dashes off the roof to fall upon your patio you'll be reminded of your contribution to the lake below.

Sit back and relax with a well deserved cup of cocoa, grab that blanket that was made by a local artisan. This place is amazing and you are blessed to have such an exceptional getaway.

No matter where you are in life's journey, there is always time for such a brilliantly calm and tranquil escape. Take your family, take your friends or go alone. Whatever the day, make it a celebration!

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