Stunning Log Home for $45,000 MUST SEE Interior

Stunning Log Home for $45,000 MUST SEE Interior

What comes to mind when you think of E-Bay? Probably all sorts of things, but how about a stunning log home for $45, 000 with a MUST SEE interior? Normally when people go to E-bay they buy things like clothes, electronics, shoes, jewelry, books, CD's, movies, makeup collectibles.... the list goes on! But who would think to purchase an entire log home on there? Well now that you know that it's a possible, it might be something you too will begin to consider.

This particular listing is for a The Fort Miami Log Cabin Home Kit which is currently attracting a ton of viewers looking to purchase it so it definitely won't be lasting very long on the market. At the moment there are a total of 1364 people watching (as I write this article) and likely more people will continue to be added to that list. It's just the shell that comes with the kit and there are pictures demonstrating the interior but that's just to give you an idea of what you can do to make it look great. This home is suitable for an entire family so you can have a comfortable space, most kits are smaller in size but this place has plenty of room for little ones to run around. It will be perfect in a nice nature setting!

There's a gorgeous sun room with cathedral ceilings, in addition to a large loft for two bedrooms and an office space too. The total square footage of this space is 2200 sq. ft. The overall design boasts an nice and airy open concept to give a nice spacious feeling which is a big trend right now. Since kits are becoming so popular, you should definitely consider getting one for yourself. They are a wonderful alternative to building a home from scratch since everything is already done for you so all you need to do is get a forklift to move it, have the ground prepared and flat, then go ahead and assemble it and you're good to go. You save all the hassle of hiring someone, and it's much cheaper to go ahead and do it yourself.

Even if you're not handy, you can still figure out how to build it by checking out some online tutorials or taking some classes. If you're interested in this listing go the the "Ebay" website by clicking on the link below!

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