Stunning Cabin Built With Freecycled Materials - MUST SEE

Stunning Cabin Built With Freecycled Materials - MUST SEE

If you are at all into tiny homes or just really unique and amazing architecture in general, this Stunning Cabin Built With Freecycled Materials is a MUST SEE for you! This awesome cabin in Puget Sound in Washington was designed by award winning architect Olson Kundig. The appearance alone is pretty astounding, but it is also made out of all free cycled materials! The cabin has a mix of reused and recycled materials as the owner Anna Hoover wanted incorporated into the design. I love the open, modern concept with the floor to ceiling windows and the use of the up cycled wood. Even at 693 square feet, this cabin actually looks a lot larger than it is, which is most likely from the great design and planning out the lay out of the house.

The other really cool thing is that the house doesn't have a typical foundation, it instead sits on 6 concrete legs that lift it up off of the ground. It would be great to prevent any damage from flooding if there was ever such event. It's no wonder why the architect Olson Kundig gets so many awards for his innovative design concepts and his projects. This particular cabin speaks volumes about his original ideas and innovation. Even the bed, as you will see when you look through the photos is amazing and super unique. I love the way they make the bed frame so that she can store her books underneath! The kitchen is also a great mix of industrial style and rustic country style. I love that mix of the traditional looking cabinets and the stainless steal oven hood. You can tell that this was a fun project to work on and dream up for both the architect and the home owner.

Head on over to 'Tiny House For Us' to see more about this amazing cabin, by following the link in the description below!

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