Stunning Cabana Log Cabin Kit is a STEAL at $29k

Stunning Cabana Log Cabin Kit is a STEAL at $29k

This Stunning Cabana Log Cabin Kit is a steal of a deal at $29,000. For a log house, that is a pretty great price since log homes can be quite expensive at times. For this 12 by 18 foot cabin model there is a log home building kit that can be purchased through Cabana Village, a log home manufacturer in the United Kingdom. Imagine using this nice small cabin or one of their other log house packages to build a little accessory dwelling unit in your own back yard. You could then use this little log house as a rental suite or as a vacation rental suite, or perhaps just an extra bedroom instead of having to add on an additional room. These small log home kits can also be used to build a detached office or a little studio to practice music or do art. Some people even make them into a special little house for their kids to enjoy a space of their own. Whatever reason they are built for, these log home kits are a great way to get a quality structure that you can build easily yourself if you want to.

One of the things that people like so much about building your own log house packages is that you can do it on your own schedule. You also save some money because hiring out help is sometimes expensive. With more people becoming interested in doing things themselves especially around the home, these log house packages are the perfect solution. Cabana Village also offers completely customizable floor plans for their units, giving the client free reign on what they want included in their floor plan. They mostly offer smaller log home kits and cottages and cabins and have a great collection of log home models to choose from. Many people think that building a log home is really expensive, but you can save some money when you go with log home kits since all of the materials are already sourced and priced as a package which is to the buyer's advantage. This is why people enjoyed buying smaller home packages in the early 1900s since they were made to be a more affordable option. But when you choose to build with logs, you will always have good quality. Logs are one of the most sought after building supplies because they are so strong and durable and will stand for many years. Plus they are a sustainable and renewable resource that we can count on.

Most of the logs that are used in log house packages like this one, come from sustainable tree farms that the trees are grown specifically for their use as building materials. Every part of the tree is used, so nothing goes to waste and the use of the trees is also monitored. Log home building is a craft and the people who build them put a lot of effort into these beautiful structures. Handcrafted log houses are the most expensive option since everything is done by hand. The logs are peeled by hand which is a very labour intensive job. Then they are also hand hewn and scribed as well. The placement of the logs and created a sealed home is a crucial part of log home building that requires skill and patience in getting the right notches and grooves. Log home kits like these ones are sometimes manufactured by machines that are able to cut the logs precisely and shape them into the different shapes that are needed. Have a look at this lovely log home kit and check out some of the other models featured on Cabana Village's website.***

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